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Plastic Recycling Business gives your business the chance to profit from plastic recycling. It not only helps create a new revenue stream for your business, but it allows you to have a safe, easy to operate machine which also boasts being easy to maintain. It’s saves not only on labour costs but also it’s extremely cost efficient. Owning a Granulator Demon you won’t be disappointed!

This plastic granulator demon combines granulator, vibrator, dust extractor and Electronic Distribution Control Box for copper recycling. As just highlighted, you can use this plastic granulator recycle copper, fibre optic wire, telephone wire, computer wires, E-waste wire and finally, ultra waste wire.

Scrap copper prices are rising and taking advantage of recycling them will definitely help your business and create a new highly profitable revenue stream. There are many advantages to recycling, not just for the environmental impact, but also the publicity you’ll get as a business. If you are constantly recycling your business as a whole will have a much more positive outlook in the public eye. Why risk not recycling when you can with a plastic granulator?Interested? I thought you would be!
Plastic Granulator Demon
Technical specifications

Model 400 Crusher;
Vibrator Blower;
Dust Collector/Blower;
Vibrator Motor;
Plastic Collector Blower;
Total Power - 12KW- One of the most powerful on the market today!
Weight - 750Kg;
Size L - 1500 x W 1500 x H 1900;
Output - 80-100 KG/HR;