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Flavour Apple, Strawberry, Menthol, Tobacco, and Red Bull
Power 1100mha
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Item Description
Electronic Shisha/Hooka Pen 1100mAh with one Free Flavour

A new revolutionary shisha pen now available with free flavour of your choice. The Rechargeable Shisha Pensprovide an ultimate luxury smoking experience, keep refilling with over different flavours.

This is designed to provide the ultimate shishasmoking experience without any of the harmful toxins. State of the arttechnology immitates the sensation and satisfaction of smoking a shisha pipe,with the added benefit of being portable and legal to smoke indoors.
Rechargeable Shisha Pens make the perfecttravel companion. Simply slip them into your shirt pocket, briefcase orpurse and enjoy the refreshing blast of flavours wherever you go. Agreat beneficial way to stop smoking, This is Pen is recharged by a USB connected cable andthe battery refills very quick! This Pen is 100% Safe To Use! And is creditedto be the new best way to quit!

Rechargeable/Refillable Shisha Pen device is made up of a rechargeablebattery (handle), a clearomizer (flavour tube) and smoking tip.
Electronic Shisha Express Kit Package includes:
OneBatteries with 1100MAH

One USB charging cable

One FREE Shisha Flavour
Electronic Shisha Kit Characteristics:
With elegant and fashionable appearance;

One atomizer, large vapor

Refill liquid with syringe;

No burnt taste and no leakage:

Imitated inhaler fit with mouth,

More comfortable to inhale;

Cartomizer capacity: 1.6ml

Full Battery capacity: about 1200 puffs

Battery capacity: 1100 mAh

Full charging time: 2-3 hours.

Over100 flavours

More vapour then any other e-shisha

Easy to use and store

No Nicotine (0mg)


The Liquid lasts for around 3-6 weeks depending on how much you use it!

Strawberry mint
Additional flavours are available to purchase. See our other listing.

To Order:
Email how many electronic shisha pens you want plus what flavours you require

All payments will be taken through paypal

The cost of the shisha pen plus flavour is £18.99 plus postage

Delivery will be between24-48 hours of the payment being received.

Refunds will be available for non satisfaction please enquire for the terms

Further information
Please enquire regarding other electronic pens and accessories we have available.