Item Description
Fully uncut long version of the excellent British TV-movie version of REBECCA starring Jeremy Brett, Joanna David, Elspeth March. This TV-movie is from 1979. Comes on all/multi region Region 0 dvd/disc..compatible with all players..This is a 2 disc set..Please keep in mind this movie is super rare and this copy I have is not in perfect digital quality (I've never seen a version of this Rebecca that was).. I'd give it a 6.5 out of 10 overall quality which is to be expected on a rarity like this, I just want to be honest and upfront..When you get it, if you'll adjust your tv controls (sharpness, colour,contrast, tint, brightness, etc) it will help alot with the picture quality.... This film contains three superb performances, Anna Massey, Jeremy Brett, and Joanna David are a wonderful team of actors who bring a great deal of depth to their roles. David has the most difficult job; her character is so self effacing we never even know her name. She is meek without seeming stupid, and perfectly captures the body language of a very young girl. Anna Massey is a terrifying Mrs. Danvers and is never more sinister than when she is smiling. She did 'everything' for her late mistress, and we get the impression that she was in fact in love with the title character. Massey's original take on this character has influenced all subsequent portrayals. She also resembles an Edward Gorey drawing in her bleak black costume. Jeremy Brett is all burning eyes and barely-suppressed rage as Max. The character gradually progresses from a vaguely sinister, sardonic figure to a hunted man who finally appreciates his second wife's devotion. This is a fine portrayal by a wonderful actor and it is an excellent complement to his similarly superb portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. This film has the usual production values of a British tv-adaptation, and has the sense to use the music of Claude Debussy on the soundtrack instead of some dated 'horror music' that often mars Seventies films. All supporting cast members are excellent.