Item Description


Directed by Richard Compton


RIchard Harris, Art Carney, Anthony James, Ann Turkel, Alana Stewart, Woody Strode, Ernest Borgnine and Seymour Cassel

Following a devastating nuclear holocaust, the world has degenerated into a desolate and dangerous hellhole where food is scarce and all hope has been lost. Vulturous packs of psychos called "ravagers" roam the landscape looting and killing the few remaining civilized inhabitants of earth. 
     When a group of ravagers viciously rape and murder the lovely wife of a cautious loner, he narrowly avoids getting killed himself and flees on an arduous trek across the perilous wasteland. Still be pursued, the loner comes across a fortified off-shore vessel and joins the small community living there in hopes the find safety and fight of the ravagers once and for all. 
     This really rare post-apocalyptic film has a bizarre senior ensemble cast. Amusingly witness the nimble Richard Harris, bloated Art Carney, jovial Ernest Borgnine and dignified Woody Strode beat up, fight, and shoot their challengers with the vigor of people half their age.


DVD is NTSC format, Region 0 (region free) and playable world wide.

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