Item Description
Rare WWii German NSDAP Golden Party Badge-18K Gold- Hitler's
NSDAP Gold Party Badge , The rarest of the rare, Adolf Hitler's
NSDAP Gold Party Badge. This true Museum Copy of Hitler's badges is
absolutely perfect in every detail. Each one is masterfully aged to
perfection. Even the enameled discs exhibit light age staining and
gentle surface wear. Made exactly is same with the originals JOS
FUESS manufactory , our NSDAP badges are the finest available,
featuring sharply detailed oak leaf wreaths finished in glazed 18K
gold plating, with correct pin backs. Its size is 25mm. Its back
number is '1' . The numbered badges have Adolf Hitler's number
actual . Its back have JOS FUESS and MUNCHEN signs. Center discs
are silver plated, with beautiful genuine enamel in black, white
and translucent red, 18K real gold oak leaf and 18K real gold back.
with a superb finish and fine details that the badges apart! It is
very Rare and very Good! Were Hitler's Party Badges Numbered "1" or
"7"? This is an intriguing question and has been debated for many
years somewhat successfully both ways. Some insisting it was "7"
others insisting it was "1". The argument is convincing that Hitler
chose number "1" for himself when he restarted the NSDAP party
after his release from prison. My research lead me to believe it
was "1", but I had to know for sure. So I asked Don Boyle, the
world's leading authority on the SS Honor Ring (he has authored 3
books on this fascinating subject), and he is recognized as a
leading authority on Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler. Don Boyle is
also a lifetime member of the prestigious MAX Show and sits on
their board of authenticators. Here is what Don had to say when I
asked him this question: "Yes Russ, I have held Hitler's NSDAP Gold
Party Badge in my own hand and I can tell you it was definitely
numbered 1." That settled the question once and for all. If Don
Boyle tells me Hitler's badge was numbered "1" then it is "1", end
of story. Hitler was the 7th member of the DAP although his card
number was 555. They used higher numbers to make the party look
larger then it was. On the right is Hitler's new NSDAP card issued
in 1927, his number "1" ranking is clearly visible. It can add your
great NSDAP collection ! Note: It will spend 2-3 weeks to your
address after shipping