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VINTAGE LOT OF 10 Sports Lithographs.

 The Fine Art Sports Collection 1977 Circle Gallery of Chicago.


24 X 28


Pictures are in order by pic and description.


1st Picture

Stanley cup playoffs ( SOLD OUT)


Boston Bruins VS Monterial Canadians.

By the Late artist


A Little about the Artist:

He was born in Scarborough, Ontario . He graduated from Danforth Technical School in 1955 and worked at Eaton's as a layout artist. He joined the Toronto Telegram in 1961, working as a graphic artist in the promotion department. In 1968, he was appointed art director and began cartooning on a part-time basis. After the The Telegram folded in 1971, he joined The Toronto Sun. In 1974, he started cartooning full-time. In 1985 and 1986 he served as president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists .

He is well known among Sun readers for his signature image of a bird , "Donato's bird." Finding the bird, lost in the newspaper, has been a common device in Sun promotions through the years.

Some of his most famous work was done when Pierre Eliott Trudeau was Prime Minister, and Joe Clark was leader of the official opposition. As the two leaders battled it out, Donato lampooned both of them extensively. For years, Joe Clark was drawn wearing children's mittens (attached to his suit with idiot strings), a reference to the time his luggage went missing on a trip to Israel. The final cartoon of the series appeared after Trudeau's airplane was hit by a bus while on the tarmac. It showed a puzzled Trudeau staring at the bus while one of his aides held up Clark's mittens and said: "We don't know who the driver was, but we found his mittens."

Donato's most famous cartoon, perhaps, was a blank cell titled "Canada's foreign ownership policy" - a parody of Canada's lack of controls over foreign ownership of Canadian companies.

Although Donato's work is mostly praised, he was criticized when his cartoon comparing David Miller with Adolf Hitler was published after Miller refused to allow a debate on Chief Julian Fantino 's contract renewal.

It is said that many Canadian politicians consider it an honor if Donato pillories them. When he drew a picture of Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish with both feet stuck in her mouth - Parrish requested the original drawing. Other politicians have done the same, many times. According to his friends, Donato's philosophy was: "The first time any politician is targeted, he, or she, gets the original drawing on request."

Donato formally retired from the Sun in 1997 but continues to draw for the Sun chain on a contract basis that pays him roughly $400 a cartoon

2nd Picture

The America's Cup ( SOLD OUT )

By Artist

David G Lockhart

A Little About the Artist

David G. Lockhart (       -1990) was born in New York City. He was educated and received his art training both in the United States and Europe. By vocation, he was an architect and was not really prolific in his art career. Watercolors were his primary medium and he did about six a year with no real studio works in oil. According to Bill Webster, the artist was very financially secure in his vocation and did not really have to paint. The America's Cup Committee commissioned him to do two of the official paintings for their races.

3rd Picture

Indianapolis 500


A.J.Foyt Jr. standing by the car,are his Father Tony Foyt and long timecrew chief Jack Starne.

Foyt's 4th win.   

By Artist

 Ron Kleemann

A Little about the Artist

Kleemann was born in 1937 in Bay City, Michigan. He was graduated from the University of Michigan College of Architecture and Design in 1961 with a B.S. Degree in Design. He resides with his wife in Valatie, N.Y.Ron Kleemann has been making photorealist art since the mid-sixties. His work is owned by museums and major modern collectors all over the world. His art regularly appears in both solo and group shows. Kleemann has been represented by the Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York City for more than thirty years

4th Picture

NBA World Championship ( SOLD OUT )

featuring DR J Julius Erving

By Artist

Allen Mardon

A Little about the Artist

For decades, Artist ALLAN MARDON has been hailed as one of the finest Sports Artists
in the world. Featured in literally hundreds of shows and exhibitions all over the planet,
MARDON was also the Official Artist for the National Basketball Association (1977),
and has done numerous covers for Sports Illustrated and Time Magazine!

5th Picture

AAU/USA Indoor Track & Field Nationals




6th Picture

Super Bowl XI ( SOLD OUT )

Raiders VS Vikings

by the LATE artist

Merve Corning.

A Little about the Artist

Southern Californian contemporary artist, Merv Corning is well acclaimed for his paintings, watercolors and original lithographs, particularly figurative work depicting sports.

The U.S. National Football League (NFL) has commissioned Corning to paint more than 300 subjects, since 1967. His art is in the collections of several NFL teams, players, coaches and owners. His art has also been included in several books about the NFL, including: The Pro Football Experience, The Professionals, Great Ones and 75 Seasons. He has received numerous honors and awards, including ones from the Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles Art Directors' Club and the Dillon Lauritzen Memorial Award for fine art. Corning's artwork has been exhibited by many prestigious institutions, including the Smithsonian Institution, the Pentagon, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the California Museum of Science and Industry, the Chicago Historical Society and the United States Air Force Museum. Permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institution, the U.S. Air Force and other fine museums and institutions also hold his work.

7th Picture

US Open Golf championship ( SOLD OUT )

by artist

  Mel Hunter

A Little about the Artist

Mel Hunter's life began with a troubled childhood in Oak Park, Illinois , where he was physically and psychologically abused by a humorless father . "He never knew his mother because she was banished from the household by his father when he was only two years old. While he never forgot the abuse, he didn't seem to dwell on it. Instead, he poured himself into his work and career ," said his third wife, Susan Smith-Hunter.{source: Mel Hunter)|date=February 2007. Hunter entered college a year early, at Northwestern University in Evanston , Illinois . After college he held a variety of odd jobs, but finally landed a draftsman job at Northrop Aircraft Corp in California. In 1950, Hunter decided to pursue a career in art and began to teach himself illustration in his spare time.

Although diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in the 1990s, Hunter died of bone cancer in February 2004. True to his final wish, the cremated remains of this multi-talented artist , aviation expert, and amateur astronomer will be placed aboard a Falcon-1 rocket and launched into space . The private launch, coordinated by Space Services Inc. from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, was set to launch in 2007.

Finally, launch was scheduled for 3 August 2008 at 03:35 UTC. Details may change as more information becomes available. Current launch details: SpaceX used a Falcon 1 to launch Trailblazer and two CubeSats for the American Air Force and MDA, and for NASA. Launch occurred at Kwajalein Atoll. A Celestis Space burial payload,' Explorers Flight', including the remains of astronaut Gordon Cooper, Star Trek actor James Doohan, and 206 others, including Mel Hunter, was also being flown. A flight anomaly occurred about the time of separation between the first and second stages, which was planned for 2 minutes and 39 seconds after launch and it seems that the rocket never reached orbit. (Susan Smith-Hunter, from Charles Chafer, Celestis)

Hunter shared the final years of life with his third wife, Rutland, Vermont native sculptor Susan Smith-Hunter. The couple opened the Smith-Hunter Gallery during the 1980s at their Ferrisburgh home. The gallery closed in 2007 and Smith-Hunter relocated to Brandon Vermont where she continues a smaller gallery and studio. Mel's work is still available here and through

8th Picture

US World Cup Sking (  SOLD OUT )

Depicts the 1st World cup in March 1977 @ Sun Valley,Idaho.

By famed artist

  Jim Jonson

A Little about the Artist

The artist, Jim Johnson, is one of America`s finest sports artists, featured hundreds of shows and exhibitions all over the world as well as on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Ski, and Time-Life Books. Jonson's first assignments as an illustrator were for magazines and advertising agencies in California where an increasing amount of art directors were beginning to tire of the photographic realism responded to Jonson's more artistic approach. Jim Jonson's artistic objective is to create an accurate depection of the kinetics of a sports event. Since Jonson was an athlete himself, He has a personal connection and understanding of the physical feats preformed by top of the line athletes. One of the main themes that is consistant in Jonson's works is the phenomenon of motion. Aside from the phenomenon of motion, Jonson also aims to capture the specific point in the action which most dramatically displays the athlete extending himself almost beyond his limits.
Jim Jonson attended the St. Louis Art Museuem, St. louis Art League and the School of Arts, Washington University in St. Louis. In 1947 Jonson moved to Los Angeles where he developed an interest in skiing. During these years he studied with master artists such as water colorist Millard Sheets,
painter Rico LeBrun and Drawing expert Francis De Erdly. His art has been exhibited at the Denver Art Museum, Los Angeles County Art Museum, Oklahoma Art Center, Frye Museum in Seattle, Orange County Museum and University of Arizona and many other locations

9th Picture

World Championship of Tennis

Depicts Jimmy Coners.

By artist


A Little about the Artist


Barbara Schwartz (1949 – May 8, 2006, New York ) was an American abstract artist and art teacher.

Schwartz was born in Philadelphia .She studied at Carnegie Mellon University for her BFA.She moved to New York and had her first solo show in 1975 at the Willard Gallery.Towards the end of the 1970s, she aimed to develop abstract painting, including non-Western decorative elements, such as an Islamic influence, as well as integrating geometric with organic forms.Her painted plaster reliefs were associated with the Pattern and Decoration movement in New York.From 1978, she taught at the School of Visual Arts .In 1979, she was represented in the Whitney Biennial . She used glazed ceramic for her work in the 1990s.Her last representing gallery was the Andre Zarre Gallery in New York, where she had a show shortly before her death.

Her work is in the collections of Utah Museum of Fine Arts , Albright-Knox Art Gallery , New York, Neuberger Museum , New York, the New York Public Library , the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago , Cincinnati Museum of Fine Arts , Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum .

She married, and was divorced from, artists Bill Jensen and Art Schade.She died age 58 from leukemia which developed from chemotherapy she had twelve years previously for ovarian cancer , said her companion, Richard Johnson; she was also survived by a stepdaughter

                                                  10th Picture

World Series ( SOLD OUT )

Featuring Reggie Jackson.

Yankees VS Dodgers (GO YANKEES)   

By Artist

Paul Calle.

A Little about the Artist

  Paul Calle is an artist whose work reflects the dramatic era of America's Western heritage as well as the one in which he lives. For Calle, the dimensions of art can be as vast as the wild, wind-swept plains of the West, as infinite as outer space and as small as the historic scenes he captures on postage stamps for the United States Postal Service.

Calle has designed more than 30 stamps in as many years. Among this noted artist’s many distinctions is the First Man on the Moon series of stamps that he designed which sold more than 150 billion. Other Calle stamps include those honoring Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jesse Owens, Helen Keller, Robert Frost, Douglas MacArthur, Pearl Buck and Frederic Remington, in addition to stamps depicting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the International Year of the Child in 1979 and promoting causes such as volunteerism and encouraging early cancer detection. Calle also designed the U.S. Postal Service’s first twin stamp to commemorate the successful Gemini Space Walk.

Calle’s portrayal of the West is not as a romantic adventure but as a realistic challenge. He has made a personal commitment to portray America's past with the same sense of history that guided his hand in depicting our nation's space explorations as an artist for NASA's Fine Art Program.

Calle is a master of both the oil painting and the pencil drawing. His drawings — often very large — show incredible control and sensitivity; they have the quality of fine etchings. Few contemporary artists have attained greater mastery of the pencil than Calle, who shares his skills in his book, The Pencil, a record of his odyssey as "an artist with a pencil." It has been translated into French, Chinese and Russian. Another book of his art, Paul Calle: An Artist's Journey, was awarded the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award for Fine Arts in 1993.

In addition to major corporate and private collections, Calle's artwork is in the permanent collections of numerous prestigious institutions including The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, The National Portrait Gallery, The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Gilcrease Museum. Calle received the distinguished Nona Jean Hulsey Buyer’s Choice Award at the Prix de West Invitational, presented by the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center. His drawings and paintings have been widely exhibited in the United States as well as in the former Soviet Union, Sweden and Poland.


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