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Here you will find another collection of rare, unaired TV pilot episodes for proposed series that did not sell. Included on this disc are:

The 1967 pilot of "Batgirl", which was to be a spin-off of the popular "Batman" television series. As the series did not sell, the character was added to the third and final season of "Batman" as a regular character.

The 1967 pilot of "Wonder Woman", which was produced by William Dozier, the man responsible for the "Batman" and "The Green Hornet" television series. This unsold series was to be a comedic, campy series, similar to "Batman".

The 1966 pilot of "Dick Tracy", a live-action series about the famous detective, also produced by Dozier. This series was in a more serious tone than "Batman", and was a proposed hour-long series in contrast to the normal half-hour format of Dozier's other productions.

The 1991 pilot of "Power Pack", about a group of four children who are given super powers by a mysterious force from outer space.

The 1958 pilot of "The Adventures of Superpup", a spin-off of the famous series "The Adventures of Superman". This series was geared towards children, and featured a cast of "little people" who all had human bodies, but canine heads!

All five of these rare pilots are here on this DVD-ROM!

DVD-ROM will play in most stand-alone DVD players, as well as the DVD-ROM drive of most computers. Disc comes with a full-color label and plastic disc keeper, and is shipped in a padded envelope for added protection. First Class Shipping upon receipt of payment. NOTE: Will trade this item for unopened die-cast movie & TV vehicles!

An absolute must-have for any fan of vintage TV or collector of rare pilot episodes. Ask me about my other collectible items.