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Up for sale is one of the rarest Gem's in the music world. The Soundtrack to Michael Mann's
classic interpretation of Thomas Harris' "Red Dragon". The Sound Quality on this disc is amazing! The Sound blows away the LP or Cassette versions! This music is nearly impossible to find and has been out of print for
20 years. This CD comes with Full Color Insert, back cover and a picture disc featuring
William Blake's "Great Red Dragon and Woman Clothed With The Sun"! Very Nice! It also contains every song included in the Movie. Unedited and Uncut! Even extra tracks not included on the LP or Cassette Versions! Most notably the amazing Seiun by Kitaro and Freeze by Klaus Shulze! Also an extremely rare extended version of "Goodbye Horses" by Q Lazzarus. All songs performed by their original artists. This is the most complete version
available. Also, the Full 17 minute version of Inna-gadda-da-vida. This is the Ultimate Manhunter. This Version contains every track contained in the film with the exception of "Jogger" which was scored by the Reds and is unavailable commercially. Disc and Inserts in Mint Condition. I can ship worldwide

The Song list is as follows:
1. Strong As I Am - The Prime

2. Coelocanth - Shriekback

3. This Big Hush - Shriekback

4. Grahams Theme - Michel

5. Evaporation - Shriekback

6. Heartbeat - Red 7

7. Leeds House - The Reds

8. Lectors Cell - The Reds

9. In - A - Gadda - Da - Vidda(Full
Version) - Iron Butterfly

10. Seiun - Kitaro

11. Freeze - Klaus Shulze

12. Nemesis - Shriekback

13. Faded Flowers -

14. Goodbye Horses (Extended
Version) - Q Lazzarus

15. Avarice - Hans Zimmer

There You Have
It! 15 Tracks Of Digital Manhunter Bliss!
Every Minute Of Music From The Film And Then Some.