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This Rare CD Features the Soundtrack the 1984 Douglas Day Stewart Thriller, Thief Of
Hearts. This Neo-Hitchcock Dramatic Thriller starred Scarface's Stephen Bauer and A Fresh Faced David Caruso and Feautred Some Of The Best Music Of The Era! This Disc Includes Some Very Rare and Excellent Music
Including, Melissa Manchester, Elizabeth Daily and the Ever Popular Movie Composer Harold Faltermeyer! Most Of This CD Includes Three Rare Bonus Tracks By Elizabeth Daily and Harold Faltermeyer!
This CD is a must have for any fan of 80's culture! Disc and Inserts in Mint Condition. I can ship Worldwide.
The Song list is as follows:

1. Thief Of Hearts - Melissa

2. Love In The Shadows - Elizabeth

3. Stolen Secrets - Harold

4. Tear Me Up - Darwun

5. Love Theme From "Thief Of Hearts"
- Harold Faltermeyer

6. Just Imagine (Way Beyond
Fear) - Beth Andersen and Joe "Bean" Esposito

7. Passion Play - Annabella

8. Thief Of Hearts (Instrumental) -
Harold Faltermeyer

9. Collage (Instrumental) - Harold

10. Final Confrontation - Harold

Bonus Tracks:

11. Shake It Up - Elizabeth Daily

12. Waiting - Elizabeth Daily

13. Memories - Harold Faltermeyer

There You Have It! 10
Impossible To Find Tracks From "Thief Of Hearts" and
Three Awesome Other Rarities! This Is One Amazing