Item Description
These posters are now OUT OF PRINT and cannot be found elsewhere online or offline. I just happened to have a few that were tucked away in storage. They are the originals that were printed years ago, still in mint condition in original packaging and never opened. That makes this item a RARE COLLECTABLE and once they're gone, they're gone. The name of this picture is "Subversive Beauty".

This is a rare Luis Royo artwork reproduction that comes in the form of a textile poster and not just a regular paper poster. All posters measure approximately 30" x 40" and are made in Italy of 100% polyester. They are larger than (known as "oversized" posters) and far more durable than paper posters as they do not rip or get damaged when you bend or fold them which also makes them easier to hang from anywhere, not just on a regular flat surface. Can be easily converted into flags by clipping to a dowel rod. All posters are brand new in original packaging. Please note that the watermarks (words and lettering) that appear on the display images are for copyright purposes only put there by iOffer and DO NOT appear on the poster itself. If you buy multiple items we only charge $1.00 for postage on each additional item.