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Back in 1999 Disney introduced a "Tarzan" 12-inch action figure (made by Mattel) and found out later that Tarzan's right arm, when moved up & down, made a...shall we say...obscene gesture! Tarzan yanks his arm up and down when you press the lever on his back. You can also record your own voice and Tarzan repeats it and all possible innuendos that you dream naughty person you!! To say its not suitable for children is an understatement! This doll was immediately pulled from the shelves and BANNED by Disney! This action figure has never been removed from the box. The box itself is in pretty good condition with some signs of shelf wear. Batteries are required. This is a VERY RARE find and you won't see this on the shelves in any toy store ANYWHERE!

If you're curious about WHY this was pulled and see it in ACTION, check out Mike Mozart's YouTube video: follow the link below: