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Brand New Factory Seal Box Set NIB- US seller

RANMA  1/2 complete TV DVD perfect boxset +OVA +Movies
Episodes 162 Eposides + 12 OVA + 2 movies
Audio Dolby Digital
Number of Disc(s): 23  DVD
Runtime 25 minutes x 162 Eposides + 12 OVA + 2 movies
Language: Japanese/  English
Subtitle: English (On/Off)
Format/Region: NTSC (Wide Screen), DVD format, All Regions  (Region free),   
Plays in most  US/UK DVD player, laptop or PC DVD-rom Player.
Condition: Brand New (Factory sealed DVD box set.  Not Home made burn copies)
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It was an average day at the Tendo dojo until Soun Tendo called together his three daughters, Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane. Soun's old friend, Genma Saotome, and his son, Ranma Saotome, were finally to come to the dojo. However, one of the three must marry Ranma and carry on the School Of Anything Goes Martial Arts to secure the family legacy. Their arrival at the dojo was not quite what the Tendos anticipated. 
First of all, entering the dojo was a rather large panda, and it was walking down the hall carrying a teenage girl over it's shoulder. The girl introduced herself as Ranma Saotome, much to the surprise of Soun Tendo. The Saotomes settled in to their new environment, and Ranma decided to take a hot water bath. The secret he wanted to keep was that he was an "Aquatranssexual" which turned to a girl after being splashed with cold water, and reverts back to a male when doused with hot water. 
However, Akane found out his secret while Ranma was taking his bath and Akane walked in, expecting to see Ranma-chan. (Female Ranma) However, she saw a naked Ranma-kuhn, (Male Ranma) and left the bathroom, screaming about "The Pervert" in the bathroom. Akane was about to beat up Ranma with a table when his father (the panda) stepped in with an explanation. 
While they were on a training mission into China, they stopped by a particular training ground called "The Cursed Springs Of Jusenkyo." Right away they started to train in aerial combat, and Ranma quickly got the better of his father, kicking him into "Shonmaoniichuan," also known as the "Spring of Drowned Panda." Whoever falls into that spring, takes the body of a panda bear. When Genma was ready to fight again, Ranma was in utter shock and asked the guide for an explanation. While he was giving it, the panda knocked Ranma into "Nyanniichuan," also known as the "Spring of Drowned Girl." Whoever falls into that spring, takes the body of a young girl. 
After Genma explained the circumstances, Soun Tendo presented Ranma with a choice of brides. There was Kasumi, who was 19 years old, Nabiki, who was 17 years old, and Akane, who was 16 years old. Ranma was not the one to make the choice. Kasumi and Nabiki stepped in and decided, seeing Akane didn't like boys, it would be logical for them to marry. After all, Ranma was half girl (hence the name - Ranma 1/2) and would make the marriage that much more interesting. These were the opening events of the anime...