Item Description

For many years now, I have been selling these calendars, and have been getting requests to keep selling them.

So here they are for the 2012 calendar year.

If you grow a garden, the moon phase "signs" are a great guide for a better yield.

There are charts and guides for proper times to plant, prepare the ground, and harvest your great tasting vegetables.

These "signs" are also valuable to those who like to go fishing, are planning to wean a baby, and for those who are planning to hatch chickens, and other birds and fowl.

Lots of people use the right signs for butchering, canning, and many other activities around their farms and even private homes. I suspect that the Amish people rely on the planting signs for raising their crops, and if you have never seen the fields of vegetable they grow, you should take a trip to an Amish community just to see their beautiful crops.

Availability is limited, so get your calendar now before they are sold out and no longer available till next year.

My grandmother used these calendars every year, my parents relied on them as I was growing up, and I find myself turning to my own Brownie Calendar several times a month.

One last thought. If you are a wine maker, I have inside information that the best time to make wine is when the moon is moving from dark (new moon) to light (full moon), and in the sign of Reins. If you have no idea what I am talking about, buy your calendar now, and look for yourself. This is a great educational tool.

These calendars are regularly priced $7, but for a Christmas Special, the price is $5.

Shipping is $3.00 in the continental U.S. and $5.00 elsewhere for any amount up to 10 calendars. Request a total for multiple order.