Item Description

This listing is for a fantastic sheet of Genuine, Gorgeous, Rainbow Mother of Pearl Shell & Veneer: Look at the colors in the photo: so vibrant. This may have small chips on the edge; lots of beautiful material.


It's beautiful veneer, lots of gorgeous material. I also have paua veneer.

The flat sheet is approx 127mm x 77mm or 5 x 3 inches and is .10mm thick - this can be cut with scissors or a knife etc... about the thickness of card stock.

This is great for inlay, much cheaper than buying solid material -You can glue the veneer onto a thicker plastic backing to give the correct depth. Great for cutting intricate shapes for headstock inlays etc... The use of this material is only limited by your imagination! I can supply larger me.


Great price for this hard to find material.

Shipping is $0.00 to the US and $1.50 to Canada. Overseas mail is $4.50

I can ship these with other items. Shipping is based on weight, please wait until I send an invoice for multiple purchases.

I pack them carefully and ship by Air mail or First Class.

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This material is can be used for overlay, where it is fixed directly onto the surface and the finishing coat is then built up to level.
It lends it self to many applications including architectural, sign writing, furniture making, musical instruments, jewelry, fishing lures and many more.
Some of the characteristics include flexibility, it can be bent to a great degree especially when coated with flexible resin or spray system such as aliphatic Polyurethane.

Shell veneers can be cut with a sharp knife or even scissors. When cut with scissors it is advisable to apply adhesive tape to top side which is removed when the material is fixed to surface, alternatively it can be coated with resin or spray.

Shell veneers can also be cut using various types of CNC cutting machines such as laser, water jet etc..

Very cost effective when compared with solid shell material.