Item Description

Pre-Owned Radar Detector. Most inexpensive out there. Please make an Offer! 

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Your RadioShack X•K•Ka Superwide Radar/Laser Detector
can alert you to all known police traffic radar and laser systems.
It receives all X-, K-, and Ka-band traffic radar signals
and also detects both the instant-on and laser systems many
police departments now use to measure vehicle speed.
Your detector has many useful features, including:
VG-2 Protection — makes your detector invisible to the VG-2
radar-detector detector by sensing VG-2 and shutting down
until you are out of range.
Front- and Rear-Looking Laser — detects laser signals from
both the front and the rear of your vehicle.
Safety Warning Systemä Detection — alerts you to the
presence of potential road hazards and emergency vehicles
signalled by a safety warning system transmission.
X-, K-, Ka-Band, and Laser Signal Detection — warns you
when it detects signals from traffic radar or laser devices. Different
tones sound to let you know the type of signal received.
City/Highway Modes — let you minimize alerts when you are
in areas that have false radar sources.
FAST (False Alert Suppression Technology) — helps prevent
false alarms caused by non-traffic radar sources.