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inally, A REAL Forex System That’s Better Than ANY Robot...Date: Friday, July 8. From: Mark Richard, TraderTo: Anyone who finally wants to make big money in forex...Dear Trader,You just want a simple Forex system that you can easily follow, right?You want this Forex system to be able to make you money while you hold down your day-job, yes?It’s not too much to ask I know. So how come everything you’ve tried in Forex so far has not made you money yet?It’s very simple...You probably know by now that Forex “Robots” don’t work, right?You also realise that “Signal Services” don’t work either.I’m not only going to prove to you why these kinds of things never work. I’m going to show you something that does. Not only does it work... it works very, VERY well.In fact, I’m certain that you’ve never seen anything that comes even close to this system.I’m not going to bore you with hype or any sort of “sales pitch”.I’m simply going to show you genuine, rock-solid proof.Take a look below. These are just some of the 100% verifiable trades that were generatedin the last two weeks alone!... Those trades required absolutely no decisions to be made.You see the arrows on the charts?Those arrows are generated by the system in real time.What else do you notice about the charts?Yes, that’s right, the charts range from the 1-minute chart right up to theweekly chart!What else do you notice? Correct again, there are many different currency pairs on those charts.Not only that, but the last chart is Gold on a weekly timeframe!Like I said, I’m showing you a system that works on ANY pair and ANY timeframe.If you’re still holding down a day-job then the system I’m going to reveal to you is the answer to your prayers.I’m like you... I’m not interested in hype or sales-speak or unrealistic claims...Okay, you’ve got them!The system that’s going to give you these results is: Quick Fix Forex™Quick Fix Forex™ is a complete system that tells you when to enter and when to exit.- There is no gambling your hard-earned money on some “robot” or “automated” system.- There is no risking your cash on some untested “signal service”.- There is no nailing-biting stress over when to enter and exit using your own discretion.I’m going to give you some nitty-gritty details about the system now.By doing this I will show you that Quick Fix Forex™ is a rock-solid, totally-up-front and genuine system.It’s not something just thrown together by some young “hotshot” internet marketer trying to remove you from your money.Firstly, Quick Fix Forex™ only trades WITH the current trend.There is no “picking tops and bottoms” like some amateur newbie trader.Those traders get killed very quickly. You are not going to be one of these traders!Quick Fix Forex™ keeps you trading on the correct side of the market.Quick Fix Forex™ calculates extremely low-risk entry points based on a number of factors.Now, let’s get serious, I’m going to be brutally honest with you right now…It’s impossible to totally eliminate losing trades – don’t let some Forex “robot” seller try to persuade you otherwise.But it IS possible to reduce the number of losing trades you take.Not only that, but you can also make those losing trades very small when they do happen!Take a look at these trades... These trades worked-out, but had they failed you can clearly see how small our losses would have been.Okay, so you want to make money in Forex?If you’ve got a job and you’re trying to trade intraday then you’re finding it frustrating, right?Perhaps you’ve tried Forex “robots” or “automated” systems – what was the result?Exactly, losses!These types of products never, ever live up to their hype.You’re not to blame for buying such products – the people who sell them are VERY persuasive.The only REAL chance of success for you in Forex is to...You’ve got to step-up and realise that some “robot” is not going to do it for you.Following someone elses “signals” is not going to do it for you either.You need a solid, tried-and-tested system that can provide you with low-risk opportunities.It’s no use if these opportunities only occur through the day when you’re working.Okay, you can’t quit your job just yet, but you should at least be able to trade until you can.Quick Fix Forex™ is probably the only one-size-fits-all, total solution to trading Forex profitablywhile you work.As you’ve seen already, this system works on ANY timeframe.So, after a hard day working for your painful boss, you can come back home, check for signals on higher timeframes (such as daily) and place your orders.The next day, when you come home again, it’s exciting to check your account (but, you probably already checked your account during the day, we’ve all done it at some point in our trading careers!).Perhaps you ultimately want to day-trade? Well Quick Fix Forex™ is your stepping-stone to achieving this.Because the system works on any timeframe, once you’ve managed to quit your job and trade full time, you can just step-down to the lower timeframes.Quick Fix Forex™ provides the same low-risk, high-win trades whether you’re trading 1-minute charts, 1-hour charts, daily charts, weekly charts or even monthly charts (crazy, but TRUE!).This system does something that not many other systems do...You’re in this to make money, right?Of course you are. So am I. So is everyone else who trades.But HOW you make your money is important.Do you want to spend your time following a “signal service”? I mean, even if they don’t lose your money (hint: almost ALL signals services lose money by the way!), what if they stop providing signals?You’re back where you started.You need to think longer term. You need to become self-sufficient in your trading.If you rely on someone else then you’re at THEIR mercy. You’re essentially a prisoner.Quick Fix Forex™ is a system that allows you to be totally independent of others. It’s a long-term solution to making money – not some over-night, love-you-and-leave-you temporary answer.Not only is it a long-term solution… it’s a low-stress solution...There is absolutely no decision-making in your trading from now on.You load up the custom indicators and template that I provide and wait for the system to tell you when to trade.Not only that – but you choose the timeframe that suits YOU.There will be no more “system jumping”.Traders jump from system to system because of poor results with their current system.This is no longer an issue for you.In fact, I don’t even know why I keep going on about Quick Fix Forex™.The results are here for you to see... I’ve not done any sort of “photoshop tricks” to these charts. These were live charts that I took screenshots of.When you gain access to Quick Fix Forex™, and get the system setup on your computer, you will see the exact same trades as these on your Metatrader4™ platform!The first thing you get is guaranteed email contact.I will answer ALL emails in less than 24 hours (and usually within just a few hours).We all know about the typical internet marketers who sell you some Forex product... and you never hear from them again – no matter how many emails you send them!I provide total support at all times.Quick Fix Forex™ is not some sort of complicated, hard-to-follow system.It is simple, easy-to-understand and I go through absolutely everything in the step-by-step manual...The manual shows you how to get your charts setup in under a minute and then you’re ready to go!But the manual is just to get you started on how to trade the system.The actual system consists of a set of custom-coded indicators for Metatrader4™...Once you’ve decided to access Quick Fix Forex™ you can be up and trading in just a few minutes.The software indicators ALERT YOU when a trade signal is about to be generated.As long as you are near your computer, you will hear the alert before the signal is generated, and so have plenty of time to enter the trade.Quick Fix Forex™ is the result of many years of my own trading experience.I’ve taken everything I know about the markets and turned it into a powerful, low-risk, high-reward trading system that ANYONE can trade.You probably want to know WHY I would sell my system, right?Well, I’m not going to lie and say things like, “all I want to do is help other traders”.Firstly, it would be untrue, I mean, I do want to help others – but I’m not going to do it for free.I’ve been through the trading school of hard-knocks and learned a thing or two along the way about trading.I’ve also put a great deal of time and effort into getting my system to where it is today.Many people assume that if someone gives something away for free then it is not worth much.There is perhaps some truth to that. When I go to my car dealer to purchase a BMW, I expect to pay for it. If they offered the BMW to me for free – I would be a little sceptical!I want you to succeed in trading... but I'm not a charity.I am extremely confident that this is the system that will start you finally making money in Forex. So naturally...Quick Fix Forex