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Title:  Queen of Housewives
Also known as: Queen of Wives / My Wife Is A Superwoman
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2009-Mar-16 to 2009-May-19
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

Chun Ji Ae and Yang Bong Soon are high school classmates who did not have the best relationship with each other. Ji Ae was the most popular girl in school whereas Bong Soon was the girl that was always made fun of. Years later, their roles are reversed as Bong Soon's husband, Han Joon Hyuk, is very successful whereas Ji Ae's husband, Ohn Dal Soo, is just an average company worker. Things get complicated when Dal Soo starts an extra-marital affair with his boss's wife, Eun So Hyuk. How will Ji Ae react to this?

Kim Nam Joo as Chun Ji Ae
Oh Ji Ho as Ohn Dal Soo
Lee Hye Young as Yang Bong Soon
Sun Woo Sun as Eun So Hyun
Choi Chul Ho as Han Joon Hyuk
Yoon Sang Hyun as Heo Tae Joon
Kim Chang Wan as Kim Hong Shik
Nah Young Hee as Jang Young Sook

Ji Ae's & Bong Soon high school classmates
Park Joo Hee as Go Mi Young
Lee Seung Ah as Kim Young Sun
Jung Soo Young as Ji Hwa Ja (fortune teller)
Kim Do Yun as Ahn Jung Sook

Queen Food husbands & wives
Kim Yong Hee as Ha Chang
Choi Ye Jin as Hwang Sook (Ha Chang's wife)
Kim Jung Hak as Department chief Yang
Hwang Hyo Eun as Lee Seul (chief Yang's chunky wife)
Hwang Jae Hee as Gong Young Min (HR manager's nephew)
Joo Min Ha as Jung Go Woon (Young Min's wife, art gallery assistant)
Lee Mae Ri as Jung Ran

Other people
Kang Soo Han as Han Hyuk Chan (Bong Soon & Joon Hyuk's son)
Kim Sung Kyum as President Heo (Tae Joon's father)
Yoo Ji In as Tae Joon's mother
Kim Young Ran as Ji Ae's mother
?? as Ohn Jung Won (Ji Ae & Dal Soo's daughter)
Baek Seung Hee as Hyang Suk
Lee Seung Ho
Kim Seung Woo as a police officer (cameo, ep3)
Kim Shin Young as couple in sauna (cameo, ep11)
Shin Dong Hee as couple in sauna (cameo, ep11)
Kim Sung Min as Tae Joon's friend (cameo, ep16)
Yoo Jae Suk as a job applicant (cameo, ep20)
Park Myung Soo as a job applicant (cameo, ep20)
Jung Hyung Don asv applicant (cameo, ep20)
Jun Jin as a job applicant(cameo, ep20)
Kim Ik

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