Item Description
welcome to my store!
Friends, I am a new seller,
IOFFER new sellers to sell a limited number!
If you are unsure about purchasing, please do not arbitrarily photographed item, thank you for your understanding and support!
About Delivery:
Store, the price of most projects (airmail) delivery, part of the more expensive projects, including delivery charges (EMS) Airmail (15 - 25 days);
EMS (7 - 9 days);
If you want to use EMS or DHL ...
Buyers need to bear another cost!
Please ask me before buying! So as not to cause unnecessary trouble and disputes! Waste each other's time! Thank you!
Retail price (one-piece), is not much of a discount, I am a new seller, there is not much profit, cost and postage is expensive! Please friends understand!
I accept retail and wholesale! The price of course there is a lot of difference, it will offer to buy many, I will provide you with the best discounts!
If you determine to buy, photographed goods, please tell me your PAYPAL address (EMAIL), I send an invoice for you, you pay!
I need to be prompted to ask everybody here:
PAYAPAL is not allowed to write brand that would freeze my account, so if there are any problems and order, in my store, tell me! Do feel free to add paid PAYPAL.
Mind friends, please do not buy my items, I believe you are a good and honest! Will understand the a new sellers hardships!
Photographed as soon as possible after payment beyond one week, we will tell IOFFER, you deal with (non-payment of the buyers), from the seller is willing to close you! Thank you!
Western Union
If you want to pay for it, please contact me, I will send my bank details for you, you told me to pay after the payment of the 10 control digital, I went to the bank to check!
Stuff will be shipped within 1 - 2 days after payment
if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know