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There are 4320 Pseudoephedrine 60mg tablets in 1 Bottle. The price of 1kg of pure pseudoephedrine powder is $450 and the price of 1 bottle of pseudoephedrine hcl 60mg is $250. We are certain of safe and timely supply worldwide. Packaging is tactful to avoid any interception or delay during distribution. contact us now.
Composition of Each tablet contains
Active Ingredients:
Pseudoephedrin e Hydrochloride 60mg
Inactive Ingredients:
Anhydrousdibasic calcium phosphate, Lactose, Microcrystalline cellulose,Magnesium Stearate, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Sodium starch glycolate.
For relief of nasal or sinus congestion caused by the common cold, sinusitis, hay fever and other respiratory allergies.
Dosage & Administration:
1.Adults and children 12 years of age and older-60milligrams (mg) everyfour to six hours. Do not take more than 240 mg in twenty-four to sixhours.
2. Children 12 years of age 30 mg every four hours. Do not take more than 120 mg in twenty-four hours.
3. Children 2-6 y ears of age. 15 mg every four to six hours. Do not take more than 60 mg in twenty-four hours.
4. Children 4 month to 2 years. Dose must be determined by doctor.
5. Children up to 4 month of age. Use dose must be determined by doctor.
1. Precautions to consider:
1) . Prostatic hydpertrophy patients
2) . Patients who are administered digitalis drug
3) . Elevated intraocular pressure patients
4) . Cardiovascular disorder like hyoertensices
5) . Serious heoatic disease or renal failure
Warnings. Caution in storage and handling:
1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Keep the direction if Administration and Dosage.
3. In case adverse events occur due to this drug, discontinue taking this drug and consult with a doctor or a pharmacist.
Adverse effects:
1.Corculstory System: Cardiovascular collapse with palpitations, frequentpulse, arrhythmia, face pallor, hypotension may occur.
2. Psychomimetic System: Migraine headache, headache, dizziness, anxiety,tension, inertia, infirmity, sleep disorder, hallucination, convulsion,CNS excitement inhibition, etc. may occur.
3. Digestive System: Constipation, nausea, dyspepsia, etc. may occur.
4. Hyperergia: Eruption may occur. Incase eruption occurs, stop administration of this drug.
5. Urinary system: Sometimes ischurua may occur.
6. Hydro dipsomania, perspiration, etc. may occur.
1. Hypersensitive patients to sympathomimetic amines
2. Serious hypertensives
3. Serious coronary artery disease patients
4. Hyperthyroidism patients
5. Diabetes mellitus patients
6. Lactating women
7. Patient who are administered MAO inhibitor or stopped an administration of MAO inhibitor within 2 weeks
Drug integrations:
1.In case of combination with sypathomimetic drug, the action of thisdrug may be excessive. In this situation, an administration mustcarefully be controlled.
2. Do not use this drug jointly withhalogenated anesthetic agents such as chloroform, cyclopropane, orhalothane, because a ventricular arrhythmia may occur.
3. In case ofcombination with antihypertensive, tricyclic antidepressant, etc.,administer carefully as checking blood pressure.
Pregnancy and Lactation:
1.There has been not enough experience in using for pregnant women. Incase fo administering to pregnant women including possibility ofpregnancy, you should decide that the benefit is more than the risk.
2.Since distribution in milk has been reported, nursing women shouldavoid administering, In case administration is inevitable, stoplactiong.
Package Unit:
4320 tablets in 1 Bottle
( Material of Bottle: White HDPE bottle in size of 1000ml: diameter (92mm) high (197mm)
Store at room temperature in a tight container.
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