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Topical vitamin C

Topical vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a popular vitamin being added to skin care products. Currently there are many advertising claims of topical formulation containing antioxidants that will protect against and reverse aging. However, the truth is that many of the available formulations contain very low concentrations of antioxidants that are not well absorbed by the skin. Vitamin C on the other hand, is an antioxidant, which when manufactured into a stable topical formulation, is proven to be effective in protecting against photoaging of the skin.

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Perfect Complexion Pure C Ascorbic acid is so highly concentrated, your skin will benefit more than 10 as fast as with any other brand on the market today. Unfortunalty, compounding skin care products causes most manufacturers to stretch a batch of product using the LEAST amount of active ingredient as possible, but still providing a breif result. Perfect Complexion was founded on the premise of NO fillers or additives. Your Perfect Complexion Pure C is 70% pure Vitamin C L-ascorbic and 20% Hyaluronic acid (which holds 1000 times its own weight in moisture retention) and 10% deionized water! That's it!

How does topical vitamin C work?

To understand how topical vitamin C works an understanding of the relationship between free radicals and antioxidants in the body is necessary.

  • Free radicals are molecules created as a by-product of oxygen metabolism as our bodies create energy at the cellular level. Basically, the oxygen molecule loses one electron, turning it into a free radical.
  • Free radical formation can also be augmented by external factors such as pollutants, sunlight, radiation, emotional stress, smoking, excessive alcohol, infection, and some drugs.
  • Free radicals float around the body looking for electrons to rebalance themselves. If necessary, free radicals steal electrons from normal healthy cells, this being the cause of various conditions ranging from accelerated ageing to deadly cancers.
  • Antioxidants protect healthy cells by donating an electron to the free radicals. The body produces antioxidants naturally and we can also get them from the foods we eat and from supplements.

Topical vitamin C has shown to protect the skin from UV damage caused by prolonged sun exposure by reducing the amount of free radical formation and/or sunburn cells. Exposure to UV light has also shown to decrease the naturally occurring vitamin C levels in the skin, thus topical application of vitamin C restores these photoprotectant levels. Other studies also suggest that vitamin C may play a part in the collagen biosynthetic pathway by activating collagen metabolism and dermal synthesis of elastic fibres.

What is topical vitamin C used for?

Studies have shown the following benefits of using topical vitamin C preparations.

  • Improve skin appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Wound healing as it aids in stabilising collagen.
  • Protects against or lessens the severity of sunburns.



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