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Starring Anne Bancroft, Peter Finch, James Mason, Maggie

Directed by Jack Clayton

Written by Harold Pinter
This DVD-R is in NTSC format and will play in ALL USA DVD
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Running time: 1:49:44 - Not Rated - Dolby Digital Mono
Mastered in 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Progressive-encoded (24 frames per second)

Watching The Pumpkin Eater, you wonder if the silver screen
was ever graced with another face as beautiful & and as
beautifully pained as Anne Bancroft's. The whole
story of a dissolving marriage is played out on her porcelain skin;
her regal, glacial features reflect every indignity a philandering
husband can inflict on a wife.

This is a close-up study of affluent agony in well-to-do
Hampstead. Bancroft is remarkable as the strongly maternal but
emotionally fragile Jo, onto her third husband and her fifth child
but still plagued by overwhelming loneliness and a longing to be
loved completely. Husband Jake (Peter Finch) is a screenwriter;
he’s dashing and charismatic but also stern and distant in
that enigmatic, masculine way. He’s loving when he wants to
be, but he’s having affairs and Jo can’t deal with it;
her answer is to have yet another baby. Their resulting arguments
escalate into violence; later, Jo has a nervous breakdown in the
middle of Harrod’s food hall.

This may sound like just a superior slice of soap, but
it’s much more than that. It’s adapted from a Penelope
Mortimer novel by Harold Pinter, and the dialogue has his stamp all
over it. The Servant notwithstanding, it’s probably his most
successful stab at screenwriting: this is as much Pinter as there
has been on the screen outside the straight adaptations of his own
plays. The characters don’t converse, they mark out their
territory; they intimidate, seduce and manipulate. Only Jo seems to
have love in her heart, and she is largely silent. But does she
need too much love? Her fragility borders on the self-absorbed, the
chronically self-pitying; Pinter doesn’t shy away from that

But it is Jack Clayton, that unsung hero of sixties
film-making, who is key to The Pumpkin Eater’s power and
grace; his direction is arty but unself-conscious. He understands
actors and he understands the camera. It’s a shame he
didn’t collaborate with Pinter more often — he has as
much, if not more, assurance than Joseph Losey.

This is one of British cinema's few truly grown-up

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