Item Description
 Thank you for checking out my auction for this real treasure .   This Pudding Stone is from the shores of St. Joesph Island in Canada.  It was found in the late 1970's.  

This stone is 8" long x 7 ? " wide x 5" tall and weighs 12#?s.   Is is photographed wet to simulate the look of polish and to bring out the colors in the rock.  Please use the Photos a part of the decription as the stone  you see in them is the one  you will receive.  All stones are photographed from both the front and the back.  I have a large quanitiy of these in many sizes so be sure to check out my other auctions.

 Puddingstone is a conglomerate of primarily quartzite and pebbles of jasper. The pudding stone pebbles vary in color from red to brown and pink to purple. Pudding stones are considered metamorphic and sedimentary. Pudding stone minerals contained within the rock may also vary. In some puddingstones minerals such as chromites, corundum, platinum, diamonds, gold, sapphire, and zircon have been found. Tightly cemented puddingstones make great ornamental stones when cut and polished properly.

Puddingstones were formed a billion years ago in northeast Canada. Puddingstone is a type of sedimentary rock which first formed in river channels. During the Ice Age, they were pushed down into  Canada by the glaciers. The white is quartz sand which has cemented itself together over millions of years. Mixed with it is a combination of other pebbles and stones of various sizes, shapes and colors. Some may even contain fossils. Another name for puddingstone is quartz conglomerate, meaning sedimentary rock composed of quartz and other minerals
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