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This CD contains plans and instructions on how to create your own fully functional psionic devices, radionic machines and orgone energy-related projects. You can use these simple plans to build your own mind machines, radionic black boxes, orgone accumulators and much much more.

Almost anyone can make these expensive devices with inexpensive and easy to locate parts from the your local hardware store, Radio Shack or Home Depot.

If you are interested in radionics and psionic devices, you must get this CD. You can save hundreds even thousands by creating these devices yourself. Not only that, but with all of the plans, schematics and extra material on this CD you will learn the concepts behind the devices so you can begin to improvise on existing plans and start creating your own psionic devices.

The sky is not the limit. There are no limitations, only limiting mental constructs which need to be transcended. Buy it now and get your CD today.


In my research over the years, I have been collecting and compiling plans for various projects. This CD represents the best my collection has to offer. It has rare, hard to locate files, software programs, patents, plans on building radionic machines, orgone generators and accumulators, free energy devices, lucid dreaming goggles, TENS unit, Brain Tuner, Tesla Coil and so much more that you will have a lifetime's worth of projects to experiment with in your free time.

All plans and schematics are provided for research purposes only and no claims are made about health benefits derived from radionic devices. Simply, try it out for yourself and see what happens if you are interested in getting some hands-on experience at a fraction of the cost of buying these devices from manufacturers. Some of the units would sell for hundreds of dollars even well over a thousand dollars, and you will have all of the information you'll need to make them yourself.

Even if you have little or no mechanical knowledge, you'll have no difficulty with most of the projects. A lot of the projects use simple items that anyone could put them together, even a child under supervision. However, some of the more advanced projects do require mechanical and/or electrical knowledge, but you can always learn from these plans without having to construct your own VandeGraff generator.

Also, some of these plans involve the use of electricity especially the Tesla Coil plans. If you are not familiar with dealing with electricity, please do not attempt to build the High Voltage Capacitor or the Testa Coils which can cause catastrophic results if done incorrectly. These files are provided for research purposes, and as such I cannot and will not be held liable for any actions resulting from the use of the information on this CD.

I am pleased to offer this brand new PSIONICS RADIONICS CD. I have always been interested in everything and anything related to the expanding consciousness and experiencing altered states of reality. I have spent years researching many aspects of human consciousness.

I began my exploration by learning the art of lucid dreaming. I have learned to realize that I am dreaming while I am dreaming. You too can learn to become fully aware within your dreams. Let me also say, there are no words to describe the thrill of living out your wildest dreams while being fully conscious and capable of controlling the dream to experience anything your heart desires. This phenomenal ability opened a whole new realm of perceptual and experiential opportunities.

I am the author of the The Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Manual. As a free bonus, you will also receive a free copy of my lucid dreaming manual along with your CD. Hopefully, you too can experience the euphoria and exhiliration of lucid dreaming. I am also a certified hypnotherapist (C.Ht. (IMHDA certified)) and I offer a full line of state-of-the-art brainwave entrainment CDs using hypnosis, subliminals, NLP, split-ear scripting and brainwave entrainment technology to enhance awareness and expand consciousness. Most of which are available here at eBay.

I have created BIRD'S LUCID DREAMING WEBSITE to share my dreaming insights and experiences with other dream enthusiast. I am also the founder of THE DREAM INITIATIVE, a lucid dream research group with several hundred dreamers from all over the world. Along with awakening my dream awareness, I began to have spontaneous out of body experiences. With time, experience and practice, I began traveling out of my body more often and this led to a complete revision of my views of "reality". There is far more to the universe that surrounds us than we are led to believe.

My experience with shamanic trance induction techniques led me to explore the all forms of neurotechnology, technoshamanism, mind machines and any other form of mind enhancement technology. I am the proud owner of many high-tech mental gadgets and gizmos including many devices I have created using the plans on this CD. Here is a list of the neurotech devices that I own and have been experimenting with for some time: MIND MIRROR II ( a $4,000 EEG), NovaDreamer (lucid dreaming goggles), ORION Light & Sound Mind Machine, Thoughtstream, MindDrive, an Electro-Acupuncture Unit and various psionic devices.

I am also a writer, artist, website designer, software developer and an avid reader amongst other things. I mention my personal background, research and my experience for two reasons. Well, three reasons actually. First, I want you to know who you are dealing with in this transaction. I enjoy meeting like-minded individuals and feel it is a definite bonus knowing that you are dealing with an honest reputable character. Secondly, my mad scientist-like behavoir may remind you of your own interests and your need to take action on these interests to transform these dreams into reality.

Thirdly, and I'm more than happy to be upfront and honest with you, I am hoping you will buy this CD and put it to good use. Not only that, but if you find this auction interesting you will definitely be amazed at the wide variety of unique products that I offer here at eBay. Click here to .

Well, now you know a little about me and how this auction came into being. The PSIONICS RADIONICS CD comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied, simply mail your CD back to me, and I'll give you a full refund. Aside from my consciousness research, I am also an eBay Powerseller so you can bid with confidence knowing you will receive more than expected. Check my 4000+ feedback history by .



What is Radionics?

Radionics is a method of sending, receiving and transmitting subtle energies usually without physical contact using specialized instruments, in conjunction with a special faculty of extra-sensory perception (ESP) known as the radiesthetic faculty. In terms of health and healing, radionics does not necessarily limit itself to humans, but also extends to non-humans. A radionic practitioner can work on humans, animals, plants, the soil, buildings, and the environment. The name 'radionics' is somewhat misleading since this form of healing has nothing to do with radio or radio waves, neither does it have anything to do with electronics. As a matter of fact, radionics can be said to be healing with thought energy.

A radionic practitioner facilitates healing. He doesn't heal. He doesn't diagnose. He doesn't treat either. His role is confined to that of a facilitator. It is the all creative principle in the universe that does the healing. Simply put, it is the YOU, in YOU, that does the healing or transmission. This also applies to other modalities of health care, be it conventional or otherwise.

Now, this takes us a little bit out of the question, so let's get back to it. Permeating every created substance (or essence) in the universe is 'energy'. Physical science does not tell us what energy is. It merely tells us that "energy is the capacity to do work". What that 'capacity' is, it is incapable of saying! Our attempted definition of 'energy' is 'that creative essence in all things that allows all things to be'. This we hold as our working definition. The radionic practitioner is a manipulator of this energy to bring about harmony in his target (the patient) where there has been a disruption or imbalance in its flow.

How does is work?

Previously the answer to this question was "we don't know", and we left it at that. Today researchers in energy medicine, and other sciences are beginning to investigate the 'hows' of radionics and are coming out with pretty good information and observations. But this information is not from the so called double-blind and rigidly controlled studies that have been the bedrock of conventional western sciences despite their divergence from the way normal life is lived.

Please note, this is not an attack on western scientific methodology. It's just that its thinking is confined to the third dimension. There are other dimensions of reality unbeknown to conventional science.

You cannot use a three dimensional parameters to investigate a four dimensional reality. Radionics happens to fall into this category. It is beyond what conventional science can grasp as of now. No wonder, western conventional scientists have tended to confine it to the domain of quackery or mysticism. Of course, this excuses them from further investigation but does not necessarily absolve them from the responsibility of carrying out relevant researches before discrediting it.

This flat-earth mentality has and will be around forever, and I recommend a healthy dose of open-minded skepticism to keep you balanced, but shooting down anything because it is not yet fully understood seems to be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. This , we must say, is very sad for orthodox science since a lot could be uncovered and a lot could be learned if we developed extra sensory perceptive (ESP) faculties.

Now, the question was 'how does radionics work?' Although many people have been practicing radionics for well over 15 years now, we cannot honestly give an answer that will satisfy the ordinary mind. It is more like asking, 'how does prayer work?'. A lot of theories abound, but the most plausible we've come across is in our study and practice of Shamanism.

Shamanism enables us to understand how healing at a distance is possible, and also allows us to gain insight into how all things are related. But that is another, though very relevant, area. This reminds me of a saying by one of my computer teachers who used to say "You don't need to know how the computer works but you need to know how to work the computer". Radionics works, and those who have experienced it know this. Probably, we don't have to know how it works but we need to know how to make it work.

That's where the PSIONICS RADIONICS CD comes in . . .

You can use this CD to do your own experiments, conduct your own research and experience it for yourself.


You will also receive for FREE a copy of my LUCID DREAMING MANUAL just for buying your CD now! This manual sells for $10.00, and you will be getting it on your CD FOR FREE!


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