Item Description
A Proto Switch Replacement Thermal Lens will fit ALL Proto goggles! Lenses are not like diamonds; they don't last forever. When the view from you Proto goggles starts to get hazy then its time for a Proto Switch Replacement Thermal Lens. Proto introduced the first tirodial lens for an optically clear view of the paintball field. The dual pane design is the best defense against goggle fog. A Proto Switch Replacement Thermal Lens comes in several color options. Clear is the best all around choice if you just want one lens. Yellow will help brighten your view on dim overcast days while Smoke will help cut glare and eye strain on really bright ones. The Mirror lens has a smoke tint and looks intimidating! Proto Switch Replacement Thermal Lens features:
- Optically clear tirodial lens design - Dual pane thermal construction for ultimate fog resistance - Fits all Proto goggles