Item Description
You are considering one of the greatest purchases you will ever make. That is clear museum gel used by museums, fine art stores, galleries and collectors alike. This wonderful product is used to secure art glass, figurines, crystal and other breakable objects, to the surface on which they are being displayed. Having golden retrievers, I can tell you that when those tails wag, I use to cringe. Now, I know that a hurricane could blow through, and these items wouldn't move! I have been selling museum gel on the internet since 2001!

The neat feature is that when you do want to move them, they easily lift off, doing no damage to the surface they were adhered to, and you can re-use the gel. It rolls up just like silly putty. I will take one of my art glass paperweights, make small balls of the museum gel, about 1 or 2 mm in size, place adjacent to each on the bottom. Set the piece in the intended spot you chose to show it off in, and it?s set within 30 seconds. My 4-ounce jar is 3/4s empty, and I have had it since July of 2001! It lasts forever, and what a great invention. If you have pets, children or grandchildren, and collectibles, this will be the best investment you will ever make.

This product is a lifesaver for collectibles, and believe me I have tons! I just wish that any of you who should have items secured, did have them secured, as when a great piece of art is broken by a well meaning child or pet, that is a heart breaking experience. Do not let that happen to your treasures! Safe for use on antiques!!!

We recommend museum putty for all items that are seated on an unlevel surface, and even those plates on the wall you need to keep from moving! What a lifesaver, and of course we have that too!

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