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Profile Publications

Armored Fighting Vehicles

Volumes 1 thru 65

In Adobe PDF format on DVD

Included on the DVD:

No. 01 Churchill - British Infantry Tank Mk. IV
No. 02 Panzer Kampfwag
No. 03 Tanks Marks I to V
No. 04 Light Tanks M1-M5
No. 05 Light Tanks I-V
No. 06 Valentine tank
No. 07 Medium Tanks Mks A to D
No. 08 Crusader tank
No. 09 Early Armoured Cars
No. 10 PanzerKampfWage
No. 11 M3 Medium (Lee Grant)
No. 12 Medium Marks I-III
No. 13 Ram tank and Se
No. 14 Carriers
No. 15 PanzerKampfWage
No. 16 Landing Vehicles Tracked HQ
No. 17 Russian KV and IS
No. 18 Chieftain and Leopard Development
No. 19 Chieftain and Leopard Description
No. 20 Churchill and Sherman Specials HQ
No. 21 Armoured Cars D
No. 22 PanzerKampfwagen 38(t) and 35(t)
No. 23 Soviet Medium Tanks T 44, T54, T55 & T62
No. 24 The M48-M60 Series of Main Battle Tanks
No. 25 Cromwell and Comet
No. 26 Hellcat, Long Tom and Priest
No. 27 Saladin armoured
No. 28 S-Tank
No. 29 M4 Medium (Sherman)
No. 30 Armoured Cars_
No. 31 Austrailian Sentinel and Matildas
No. 32 M6 Heavy and M26 (Pershing)
No. 33 German Armoured Cars
No. 34 Scorpion Reconn
No. 35 British Armoured Recovery Vehicles + Wheels, Tracks & Transporters
No. 36 Chars Hotchkiss, H35, H39, and Somua 35
No. 37 Russian BT Series
No. 38 Conqueoror Havy Gun Tank
No. 39 Panhard armoured cars
No. 40 USArmoured Cars
No. 41 M103 Heavy Tank + M41 Light Tank (Walker Bulldog)
No. 42 Modern Swedish Light Armoured Vehicles
No. 43 PanzerKampfwagen IV
No. 44 Ferret & Fox
No. 45 Vickers Battle Tank
No. 46 Light Tanks M22 Locust and M24 Chaffee
No. 47 Russian T-34
No. 48 Pzkpfw VI Tiger I and Tiger II king tiger
No. 49 Japanese Medium Tanks
No. 50 Swiss Battle tanks
No. 51 Abbot FV433 Self Propelled gun
No. 52 M47 Patton
No. 53 The FV 432 series
No. 54 Japanese Combat Cars, Light Tanks and Tankettes
No. 55 German Self-Propelled Weapons
No. 56 Missile Armed Armoured Vehicles
No. 57 Schutzenpanzerwagen
No. 58 French Infantry Tanks Part I (Chairs 2C,D and B)
No. 59 French Infantry Tanks. Part II (including R 35 and FCM 36)
No. 60 - Russian Armoured Cars (to 1945)
No. 61 Elefant and Maus (+E100)
No. 62 Commando, Twister and High Mobility Vehicles
No. 63 AMX-30
No. 64 Armoured Personnel Carriers-A Survay
No. 65 The PT-76 Light Amphibious Tank & Variants