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This is part 2 of vintage professional wrestling matches from Brazil. There is no date given, but I would guess it is from the 1980’s or 1990’s. The wrestling is “technical” with lots of holds used, and all matches end in a submission, where one guy “taps out”. The matches take place in an auditorium with a very enthusiastic audience. The commentary is in Portuguese. There is a wide variety of costumes used. A couple of wrestlers are masked. Various body types, but most of these guys are built well with bulging muscles! Lots of very beefy Brazilians! One guy wears tie-dyed tights, has a shaved head and is a beefy-type muscular dude, he wrestles a military-looking guy, also with muscles. The guy with shaved head gets his opponent in an on-the-mat headscissors where he is looking right into his opponent’s face! Another guy with bulging muscles looks just huge and wears a pair of tights that look like they were painted on! He looks like a dark-skinned Superman. He really smacks his opponent around, gets in a few choke holds, and then lifts him over his shoulders in a rack and parades him around the ring. One wrestler is a capoeira artist and has a tightly-muscled body. It is just awesome to see this Brazilian martial arts form in action … mmm! Another huge guy in military fatigues, makes his opponent submit with a cradle. Tons of flying headscissors throughout the DVD! All matches are shown in their entirety with the exception of the very last match on the DVD which gets cut off in progress. The DVD runs just under 2 hours, and I would estimate there to be about 15 matches total shown! The video quality is very good, all pics below are direct scans from this DVD. See other listing for part 1 of this series.