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Pro Wrestling NOAH From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;

Pro Wrestling NOAH ( Puroresuringu Noa) is a major Japanese professional wrestlingpromotion, founded in 2000 by former All Japan Pro Wrestling ace
Mitsuharu Misawa. NOAH is broadcast weekly in Japan, as well as in Canada
on The Fight Network. NOAH has working agreements with Ring of Honor,
World League Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Zero1, and AAA.

In January 1999, All Japan founder and
promoter Giant Baba died, leaving the company in the hands of his
widow Motoko Baba as owner and Misawa as president. However,
disheartened with Motoko Baba's proposed direction for the company,
Misawa departed the promotion on May 28, 2000 to form a new
promotion called Pro-Wrestling NOAH. All but two native stars
( Masanobu Fuchi and Toshiaki Kawada) followed Misawa. The promotion's name alludes to the Biblical story of Noah, in which the people and animals in the ark survive the flood and make a new beginning in the world, a story which was seen as a parallel to the wrestlers' departure from All Japan. NOAH's promotional symbol, an ark with a dove holding an
olive branch, refers to this.
Pro-Wrestling NOAH is essentially a
continuation of All Japan's promotional system in the 1990s, with a
slight leeway to allow wrestlers from other promotions to compete,
which is something that Giant Baba had forbid. NOAH also features a
strong junior heavyweight division, which was something that All Japan
had been relatively lacking in the 1990s due to lack of pushes for
the younger stars (such as Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Kenta and Naomichi Marufuji, who quickly became NOAH's junior aces).

Despite not being considered the #1 promotion
in Japan, NOAH has been able to outdo its rivals in many ways since
2005 and has managed to outdraw arch-rival New Japan Pro Wrestling
in several key places (such as the Tokyo Dome). The
Wrestling Observer also named NOAH as the best promotion
in 2004 and 2005, as well as having the best weekly television show
in 2003.

A spinoff league called Pro Wrestling SEM was
recently launched. Similar to New Japan Pro Wrestling's "Young Lions" system, it will function as a training facility for rookies, with Naomichi Marufujiand Kenta acting as trainers. Pro Wrestling SEM is also
a reference to the Biblical story of Noah, with Sem being Noah's eldest son.
On June 13, 2009, Misawa teamed with Go Shiozaki against Akitoshi Saito and Bison Smith at Hiroshima Green Arena. After taking a belly to back suplex from Saito, Misawa lost consciousness and was
taken to a hospital. He was pronounced dead in the hospital at
10:10 p.m. due to spinal damage. On June 27, 2009, Akira Taue
was named as Misawa's successor and is the current President of Pro-Wrestling NOAH.
In 2010 Pro Wrestling NOAH announced a new 'Global League tournament' comprising of 12 of NOAH's top heavyweight stars.
The promotion will celebrate its 10th anniversary in summer 2010. They have a series of special events planned to commemorate the milestone.
DVD's Available

Departure Day 1 8/5/00
Departure Day 2 8/6/00
NOAH: 10/20/00
NOAH: 11/4/00
Great Voyage 12/23/00
NOAH: 12/24/00
First Navagation of 21st Century 1.13.2001
NOAH: 2/25/01
NOAH: 3/25/01
1st GHC Title Tournament 3/18/01-4/15/01
1st GHC Tag Team Title Tournament 10/6/01-10/19/01
Navagation In Raging Ocean 12.09.2001
Pro Wrestling NOAH: Navagation With Breeze 2001
NOAH: 2/3/02
NOAH: 3/2/02
NOAH: 3/24/02
NOAH: 3/25/02
NOAH: 4/6/02 (2 discs)
NOAH: 7/19/02
NOAH 11/24/02
NOAH: 2/21/03
Navagation For Evolution (Misawa vs Kobashi) 3/1/03 (2 discs)
NOAH: 5/31/03
Navagation Against The Current 10/9/04
Navagation Against The Current 10/24/04 (2 discs)
Uprising Spirit 12.04.2004
Ful Gift In Differ Ariaka 12.24.2004
Di Collosseo 147: First Navagation 2.14.05
Navagation For Evolution 2/20/05
Navagation For Evolution 3/5/05
Destiny 7/18/05 (3 discs)
Winter Navagation 12/4/05 (2 discs)
Navagation For Evolution 3/5/06 (2 discs)
Autumn Navagation 10/29/06 (2 discs)
Great Voyage 12/10/06 (2 discs)
First Navagation 2007 1/21/07
Navigate For Evolution 2007 3/4/07
Shiny Navagation 7/8/07 (2 discs)
Great Voyage 9/9/07 (2 discs)
10/27/07 (2 discs)
Budokan Show 12.02.2007
Global Tag League 4.27.2008
Northern Navagation 5.15.2008
Autumn Navagation 10.05.2008
Autumn Navagation 10/25/08
Winter Navagation 11.14.2008
Winter Navagation 12.07.2008
Tokyo Nippon Budakan 5/6/09
Hiroshima Green Arena 6/13/09 (Does not show Misawa's Death)
Hakata Star Lanes 6/14/09
Weekend Navagation 8.23.2009
Great Voyage 09' in Tokyo: Mitshura Misawa-Always in Our Hearts 9/27/09 (2 discs)
Great Voyage 09' in Osaka: Mitshura Misawa-Always in Our Hearts 10/10/09 (2 discs)
Autumn Navagation 10.15.2009
Winter Navagation 11.21.2009
Ten No Kan, I Miss You 12.23.2009
Noahful Gift In Differ 12.24.2009
1st Jr. Heavyweight League (3 discs) 2009
Di Collosseo 1/3/10
The First Navagation 1/9/10
The First Navagation 1/16 & 1/17 2010
The First Navagation 1/24/10
The Second Navagation 2/14/10
The Second Navagation 2/24/10
Navagation in March 3/20/10
Great Voyage in Yokohama 3/28/10
Spring Navagation 4/17/10
Spring Navagation 4/18/10
Di Collosseo 404 4/19/10
Return To Port 2010 (Misawa Memorial) 6/13/10
NOAH: Samurai TV 6/17/10
Rusher Kimura Memorial Show 6/26/10
Years After 8/4/10
New Navigation in Tokyo 8/22/10
12/5/10 (2 discs)
NOAH: 1/18/11
NOAH: 1/21/11 (2 discs)
NOAH: 1/28/11 (2 discs)
NOAH: 2/7/11 (2 discs)
NOAH: 2/26/11 (2 discs)
NOAH: 2/27/11
NOAH: 3/12/11 (2 discs)
NOAH: 3/28/11 (2 discs)
NOAH: 4/2/11 (2 discs)
NOAH: 4/25/11 (2 discs)
NOAH: 5/7/11 (2 discs)
NOAH: 5/16/11 (2 discs)
NOAH: 6/17/11 (2 discs)
NOAH: 6/29/11 (2 discs)
NOAH: Samurai TV 7/1/11
NOAH: Samurai TV 7/6/11
NOAH: 7/14/11 (2 discs)
NOAH: 7/23/11 (2 discs) (Kobashi's Return...aired 7/29/11)
NOAH: 8/5/11 (2 discs)
NOAH: Samurai TV 8/14/11

All Together Japan Relief Benefit 8/27/11 (featuring NOAH, NJPW, AJPW) (2 discs)
Gone But Never Forgotten: Mitsuharu Misawa (11 discs)
Best of The Kings of Wrestling (2 discs)
Kenta Kobashi: The Complete GHC Title Reign (4 discs)
Best of the Kings of Wrestling in NOAH (2 discs)
Best of Kenta Kobashi: Burning Cancer Vol. 1
Best of Kenta Kobashi: Burning Cancer Vol. 2
Best of Kenta Kobashi: Burning Cancer Vol. 3
Best of Kenta Kobashi: Burning Cancer Vol. 4
The Misawa Legacy Vol. 1
The Misawa Legacy Vol. 2
The Misawa Legacy Vol. 3
The Misawa Legacy Vol. 4
The Misawa Legacy Vol. 5
The Top 25 Matches in Pro Wrestling NOAH History (9 discs)
Bison Smith Memorial Compilation
Best of Chris Hero in NOAH (2 discs)