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This is a 2-disc set of wrestling
matches featuring
Matt Striker. The guy has a nice, beefy body that he often
tries to squeeze into wrestling trunks that are way too tight! He
also has strikingly good looks, and knows how to wrestle! Lots of
good, technical wrestling with lots of holds. Total of 11 matches
shown in their entirety. Here is the match list:
Matt Striker/Josh Daniels vs CW Anderson/Simon Diamond
Matt Striker vs Johnny Storm
Matt Striker vs Lo-ki
Matt Striker vs Josh Daniels
Matt Striker/Josh Daniels vs Ikuto Hidaka/Minoru Fujita
Matt Striker/Simon Diamond vs Chris Candido/Bam Bam
Matt Striker/Simon Diamond vs The Sat
Matt Striker vs Chriss Chetti vs Frankie Kazarian (3-way
Matt Striker vs Chris Candido
Matt Striker vs John Walters
Matt Striker vs Chris Hero