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Thomas Couch started wrestling in 1981 as Tommy Rogers in Tampa, Florida. (Although the first match bills him as "Tommy Peters") In late 1984, Rogers went to World Class Championship Wrestling where he formed a team called The Fantastics with Bobby Fulton and began a legendary feud with the Midnight Express. In 1986, Rogers and Fulton went to the Universal Wrestling Federation where they had a long series of violent matches against The Sheepherders (Butch Miller & Luke Williams). Rogers also tagged with several other partners from 1983-1987. Rogers and Fulton went back to WCCW in 1987 and feuded with Mike Davis & Tommy Lane, The Rock 'N Roll RPMs. The feud ended after The Fantastics won a scaffold match at "The Parade of Champions". In 1988, they went to the NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions to renew their feud with the Midnight Express. They left in 1989 and have been wrestling in the independents ever since. The Fantastics spent several tours in Japan during the 90s working with such names as Dean and Joe Malenko. In 1997, Rogers and Fulton both wrestled in the WWF's Light Heavyweight Division. They were pit against each other in the first round of the Light Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Rogers defeated Fulton with the Tomakaze, a finish which never was shown on television. The maneuver itself was said to have been stolen by former WWE superstar and current TNA wrestler Christian Cage. However, it was later observed that Christian Cage had been using the move much before Rogers and Christian himself was the inventor of the move in spite of Rogers stealing Christian's move. Rogers wrestled in ECW from 1998 to 1999, where he briefly teamed with Jerry Lynn. Rogers also worked behind the scenes helping the ECW product as an agent. In 2005, the Fantastics reformed on the indie circuit. They won the SCW Tag Team Titles by defeating the Midnight Express in a steel cage match. Tommy stands 5'9" and weighs 222 pounds. He was a very technical wrestler employing a large variety of holds, however is favorite seemed to be the side headlock. It is used in just about every match, and often time more than once! He also liked the front chancery and used armbars, headscissors, and more. In 2006, Tommy moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. The matches on this DVD are from 1983-1991, and include the following, all shot in their entirety: Tommy Peters vs Eddy Mansfield Tommy Rogers/El Grande Appollo vs The Funk Brothers Tommy Rogers vs Rick Harris Tommy Rogers vs The Pink Panther Tommy Rogers vs Chic Donovan Tommy Rogers vs Larry Santana Tommy Rogers vs Roger Bond Tommy Rogers vs Pat Rose Tommy Rogers vs Chic Donovan (again) Tommy Rogers vs Les Thornton Tommy Rogers/Brett Sawyer vs Pat Rose/Ted Allen Tommy Rogers vs Pat Rose (again) Tommy Rogers vs Mike Starbudk Tommy Rogers vs Dale Veasey Tommy Rogers vs Randy Barber Tommy Rogers vs Ric Flair Tommy Rogers vs Dale Veasey (again) Tommy Rogers/Sweet Brown Sugar vs Roger Bond/Bob Brown Tommy Rogers vs Mike Jackson All images included with this description are actual scans from the video, they are not file copies. DVD runs approximately 2 hours.