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Merced Solis (born May 10, 1953) better known by his ring name Tito Santana, is a semi-retired Mexican American professional wrestler whose career spanned from the late 1970s to the early 1990s, best known from his time in World Wrestling Federation. Despite his Mexican heritage, he rarely competed in lucha libre promotions, being more accustomed to the American style of professional wrestling. In WWF, Solis was the 1989 King of the Ring, and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004. He worked briefly in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and the American Wrestling Association (AWA), but gained his fame by wrestling in the World Wrestling Federation. He had his first taste of WWF success in 1979, when he teamed with Ivan Putski to defeat Johnny Valiant and Jerry Valiant for the World Tag Team Championship at Madison Square Garden in October 1979. The duo would hold the titles for close to six months before losing to the Wild Samoans in April 1980. Santana's most widely known move was a variation of a brutal forearm smash. Throughout his WWE career, this move was referred to as "The Mexican Hammer," "The Flying Forearm" and mockingly by commentators Bobby Heenan and Jesse Ventura as the "The Flying Jalepeno" and "The Flying Burrito." During his legendary feud with Valentine, Santana began using the figure four leglock, and would periodically use this move throughout his career. Towards the end of his WWE career, after adopting the "El Matador" gimmick, Tito began using variation of the first drop known as "El Paso de la Muerte" (translated to English: "The Pass of Death", in reference to the killing blow of a bullfight). He raised his arms as if holding a pair of banderillas (barbed sticks used to weaken a bull during a fight) and jabbed his hands into the opponents' shoulders. Tito then bounced off the ropes and deliver a stunning blow to the back of his opponent's head. Tito stood 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) and weighed 234 lb (106 kg). This DVD covers the period from 1987-1989 and includes the following matches, all shot in their entirety: Tito Santana vs Dino Bravo Tito Santana vs Buddy Rose Tito Santana vs Al Perez Tito Santana vs Akeem Tito Santana vs Curt Hennig Tito Santana vs Bob Bradley Tito Santana vs The Barbarian Tito Santana vs Sergeant Slaughter Tito Santana vs Rick Martel Tito Santana vs The Mountie Tito Santana vs Hercules Tito Santana vs The Berzerker All images included with this description are actual scans from the video, they are not file copies. DVD runs approximately 2 hours.