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Pro wrestling compilation featuring Del Wilkes. In his earlier matches, he wrestled as The Trooper, a cop. And then he switched to The Patriot, in which he wore red/white/blue tights and a mask. He was 285 pounds and well-muscled. The man knew how to crank out a nasty headlock! (Which seemed to be his favorite hold because he used it repeatedly on his unfortunate opponents.) Includes the following matches, all shot in their entirety: The Trooper vs Jamie Magnum The Trooper vs Kent Carlson Interview The Patriot vs Larry Zybysko The Patriot vs Stan Lane The Patriot vs S.D. Falcone The Patriot vs Soultaker The Patriot vs Al Perez The Patriot vs Rod Price The Patriot vs Barry Horowitz The Patriot vs Steve Regal The Patriot vs Steve Regal (again) The Patriot vs Vader The Patriot vs Ric Flair All images included with this description are actual scans from the video, they are not file copies. DVD runs approximately 2 hours.