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Steve Blackman began his wrestling career in 1986 in Connecticut, training at Tony Altimore's wrestling school. Later that year, he contracted malaria while wrestling in South Africa and "was on his death bed for two years". After his bout with malaria, Blackman first appeared on WWF television in 1988, as a jobber. Blackman made unsuccessful full-time comebacks in 1991, 1992, and 1993, but the fatigue was too strong. Around this time, Blackman had a contract with the WWF but became ill and had to wait to make his debut when he finally recovered. Steve Blackman made his WWF debut on the November 3, 1997 episode of Raw is War as a planted fan who jumped the guardrail, to help Vader fend off an attack from the Hart Foundation. Blackman was a replacement for the injured Patriot on Team USA (Vader, Goldust, & Marc Mero), at Survivor Series 1997, against Team Canada (British Bulldog, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Phillip Lafon, & Doug Furnas). The following year, Blackman joined Ken Shamrock in his efforts to combat the Nation of Domination. Eventually Blackman broke out on his own, establishing his trademark entrance involving swinging glow-in-the-dark eskrima sticks before walking to the ring. He eventually turned heel after siding with Shane McMahon. During his run as a heel, he brought a gym bag full of martial arts weapons with him to the ring, including kendo sticks. Blackman would attempt to use the weapons in the bag during or after the match. In late-1998, Blackman competed in the WWF Brawl For All tournament, defeating Marc Mero in the first round. However, he had to withdraw due to injury, allowing Mero to advance by default. Blackman opened a self-defense school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania called "Blackman's Self Defense and Street-Fighting School" in mid-2003. Blackman & MMA fighter (UFC Hall of Famer) and wrestler Ken Shamrock were brought in to help promote a clothing line for professional fighters, called Ground ‘n’ Pound gear. As of July 2006, Blackman has re-opened "Steve Blackman's Fighting Systems", which features MMA classes as well as professional wrestling training with Classic Championship Wrestling, a local independent wrestling promotion in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Blackman resurfaced in July 2007 as a guest on Nancy Grace's show, during the media blitz surrounding the Chris Benoit tragedy, where he argued with fellow former wrestler Marc Mero. He also made an appearance on Larry King Live to discuss the same topic. He stood 6'2" and weighed 246 pounds. He had a reputation for being very serious and not displaying emotion. He was very muscular and was able to come up with some powerful holds utilizing his martial arts background. In several of his matches, he submitted his opponents using a crushing triangle choke (figure-four headscissors). Some of his other finishing moves included the dragon sleeper, scissors kick, diving front kick (to the chest), leg hook suplex, and the blackout kick. This DVD covers matches from 1998-2001, and includes the following, all shot in their entirety: Steve Blackman vs Ken Shamrock Steve Blackman vs Bradshaw Steve Blackman vs Val Venis Steve Blackman vs Blue Blazer Steve Blackman vs Jeff Jarrett Steve Blackman vs Taka Michinoku Steve Blackman vs Owen Hart Steve Blackman vs Matt Styker Steve Blackman vs Mike Hallow Steve Blackman vs Shawn Stasiak Steve Blackman vs Shawn Stasiak (again) Steve Blackman/Kurt Angle vs The Dudleys Steve Blackman vs Val Venis (again) Steve Blackman vs Buck Quartermain Steve Blackman/Kurt Angle vs The Hardy Boyz Steve Blackman/Kurt Angle vs Christian/Edge Steve Blackman vs Kurt Angle Steve Blackman vs Big Boss Man Steve Blackman vs Elix Skipper Steve Blackman/Val Venis vs Hayashi/Yang Steve Blackman vs E.Z. Money All images included with this description are actual scans from the video, they are not file copies. DVD runs approximately 2 hours.