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McGraw began his career in 1976 in the Florida area. He competed in the Mid-Atlantic region a couple years later before entering the World Wrestling Federation. McGraw defeated enhancement talent, but mostly put over heels that were ready to challenge WWF champion Bob Backlund. He also competed on the "Showdown At Shea" show in August 1980, losing to Greg Gagne. McGraw then moved to Memphis and was part of the tag team duo called "New York Dolls". The team was managed by Jimmy Hart. Rick then re-entered Vince McMahon Sr.'s WWF as part of the tag team called the Carolina Connection with Steve Travis. Quick Draw had notable matches with numerous top heels during his time in the WWF. He was once managed by Arnold Skaaland and also had his neck "broken" by Killer Khan in a match. Towards the end of his career, McGraw teamed up with André the Giant to form a lopsided tag team duo (McGraw was 5'7" with the Giant standing at 7'4"). McGraw died after a heart attack on November 1, 1985, just days after wrestling Roddy Piper in a nationally televised match. McGraw took such a beating that the match had to be stopped. Though some fans felt the match led to McGraw's death, the two incidents were not related. At a height of 5'7", Rick weighed 235 pounds. This DVD includes the following matches, all shot in their entirety: Rick McGraw vs Rick Martel Rick McGraw vs Peter Maivia Rick McGraw vs Chris Cannon (aka King Kong Bundy) Rick McGraw vs Silvana Soosa Rick McGraw vs Jose Estrada Rick McGraw/Steve Travis vs Johnny Rodz/Jose Torres Rick McGraw/Steve Travis vs Adrion Adonis/Jesse Venture Rick McGraw vs Grappler #2 Rick McGraw vs "The Turk" Interview Rick McGraw vs Ken Patera Rick McGraw vs Paul Orndorf Rick McGraw vs Kamala Rick McGraw vs Paul Orndorf (again) Rick McGraw vs Greg Valentine Rick McGraw/Billy Travis vs Adrion Adonis/Dick Murdoch All images included with this description are actual scans from the video, they are not file copies. DVD runs approximately 2 hours.