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Tom Boric is a former professional wrestler better known as Paul Diamond who is best known being one half of the tag team “Badd Company” with Pat Tanaka and for his time in the World Wrestling Federation as Kato, one half of The Orient Express also with Pat Tanaka. Tom Boric was born in Croatia, Yugoslavia in 1961 and grew up wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a soccer player. When Boric was 13 years old the family emigrated from Croatia to Canada, settling down in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Tom got a full soccer scholarship to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. After only three semesters at college, Tom got drafted to play goalkeeper for the recently formed Calgary Boomers of the North American Soccer League. After the Boomers folded in 1981, Boric moved on to the Tampa Bay Rowdies whom he played for until the NASL closed in 1984. After his professional soccer career ended, Boric began training for a professional wrestling career at a Tampa Bay wrestling school run by Boris Malenko along with his two sons Joe Malenko and Dean Malenko who all had a hand in training him. After training, Boric began wrestling as Paul Diamond in 1985. His first break came in the Texas All-Star Wrestling promotion in San Antonio, Texas. Initially he formed a tag team called American Breed with Nick Kiniski (son of legendary wrestler Gene Kiniski). Neither Diamond and Kiniski were actually American, (Diamond is Coatian/Canadian while Kiniski is Canadian) so the team name was quite ironic. The team won the TASW Tag Team Championship from the Maoris (Tudui & Wakahi) on May 25, 1985 and held them until Al Madrill and Chavo Guerrero took the titles from them on June 5, 1985. The titles would be vacated later that same month when Chavo Guerrero refused to wrestle in a rematch against Diamond and Kiniski because Chavo’s father Gory Guerrero was the special referee chosen for the match. Madrill teamed up with Black Gorman instead but lost the match. After the match, Madrill attacked Chavo Guerrero splitting the team and forcing the titles to be held up. When Madrill won the rights to name a new partner he chose to give the titles to ”American Breed” instead, only now American Breed consisted of Paul Diamond and a rookie named Shawn Michaels (Kiniski left the promotion only weeks prior). Diamond and Michaels lost and then regained the titles from the “Masked Hoods” (Ricky Santana and Tony Torres) before being beaten for the titles on January 27, 1986 by Al Madrill and Magnificent Zulu. Both Michaels and Diamond began to add more to their wrestling skills, thanks in part to fellow wrestler Chris Adams, who split his time between World Class Championship Wrestling and Texas All-Star at the time. In the fall of 1992, Paul Diamond got a brand new gimmick in Maximillian Moon (Max Moon for short). Diamond wasn’t originally intended to play Max Moon. It was a gimmick created for Konnan, but Konnan left the WWF after a backstage disagreement. Since Diamond fit the costume, he was chosen to take over the character. The suit was a very elaborate powder blue bodysuit with markings that were supposed to look like a circuit board and white protruding rings around his arms making him look rather ”outlandish”. The elaborate outfit also came with two wrist devices that shot out fireworks and a jet pack that was supposed to make Max Moon look like a man of the future. Diamond worked for Jerry Lawler’s promotions in Memphis after working for WCW, first for the United States Wrestling Association where he held the USWA World Tag Team Championship alongside Steven Dunn. After the USWA, he worked for “Music City Wrestling” until a torn tricep muscle put him out of action for six months in 1998. Diamond had set up an agreement to join Shawn Michaels’ Texas Wrestling Academy as a trainer. Diamond also wrestled for the Texas Wrestling Alliance under the name of Venum (mistakenly listed as ”Venom” in places) , holding the TWA title twice and also being involved in Shawn Michaels return to wrestling after a 1998 back injury that was thought to have put a permanent end to his wrestling career. When TWA and the wrestling academy closed, Diamond and his family (wife Lisa and two kids) moved from Tampa to Winnipeg where Diamond opened up a wrestling school called "Paul Diamond Hard Knocks Pro Wrestling Academy". Diamond semi-retired from active competition in 2001 to focus on the wrestling academy; his only active involvement in recent years has been Rocket City Wrestling in Huntsville, Alabama wrestling sometimes twice, as Diamond and as Max Moon while also being involved in the booking. Paul was born May 11, 1967. He stood 6 ft. 1 in. (185 cm), and weighed 230 lb. (105 kg). There are two separate DVDs being sold, this one is from the period 1985-1989, and includes the following matches, all shot in their entirety: Paul Diamond vs Ron Starr Paul Diamond/ The Italian Stallion vs George South/Terry Ellis Paul Diamond vs The Barbarian Paul Diamond/Mike Jackson vs The Barbarian/Superstar Billy Graham Paul Diamond/Nick Kiniski vs The Puerto Ricanos Paul Diamond/Sean Michaels vs Dale Veasy/Rip Rogers Badd Company vs Greg Robertson/Tim Paterson Badd Company vs The Midnight Rockers Paul Diamond vs Greg Gagne Badd Company vs Greenway/Hudson Badd Company vs Nature's Best Paul Diamond vs Tom Zenk Paul Diamond vs Akio Sako Paul Diamond vs Akio Sako (again) All images included with this description are actual scans from the video, they are not file copies. DVD runs approximately 2 hours.