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Jeff Warner is an American professional wrestler, best known under the ringnames J.W. Storm and Maxx Muscle, who competed in World Championship Wrestling most notably during the mid to late-1990s as the bodyguard of Diamond Dallas Page and later as a member of the stable Dungeon of Doom. He also has successful stints in Pacific Northwest Wrestling and Pro Wrestling America, winning the tag team titles in both promotions. Warner started wrestling in 1989 in the NWA's Pacific Northwest territory. He formed a tag team with Art Barr who was using a "Beetlejuice" gimmick called "The Juice Patrol" with Warner becoming "Big Juice". They feuded with Ricky Santana and Curtis Thompson, who formed the tag team of "U.S. Male", until Warner was forced to leave the promotion in a "loser leaves town" match on June 30, 1990. He also wrestled in Pro Wrestling America during the late-80s and early-90s and won the tag team titles as one half of Maximum Overdrive with Tim Hunt defeating Matt Derringer & Bret Derringer on June 24, 1989. Holding the titles for nearly a year, they finally lost them to the Steiner Brothers in Atlanta, Georgia on September 17, 1990. In mid-1990, he arrived in WCW as one half of Maximum Overdrive with Tim Hunt but their stay was short-lived after their loss to the Steiner Brothers at Clash of the Champions XII on September 15, 1990. He soon began wrestling under the name J.W. Storm teaming with Scotty Flamingo (futurely Raven) and wrestled against veterans including Terry Taylor and Brad Armstrong, losing to him at Halloween Havoc '90 on October 27. He also teamed with another masked wrestler as Magnum Force although they lost to the then NWA/WCW U.S. Tag Team Champions the Steiner Brothers at Clash of the Champions XIII on November 20, 1990. Warner would return to WCW in 1994 and introduced by Diamond Dallas Page as his new bodyguard alongside his valet the Diamond Doll. During the year, Warner would accompany Page as he challenged other WCW wrestlers to a series of arm wrestling matches (with the winner receiving a date with his valet), in which Warner would assist Page in defeating his opponents or take his place at the last minute, until Dave "Evad" Sullivan (who had put up his pet rabbit Ralph against Kimberly) defeated Page at the Great American Bash '95. He would continue assisting Page in his feuds with Sullivan and Johnny B. Badd during 1995 and helped him defeat The Renegade at Fall Brawl '95 although his interference would eventually result in Page losing his WCW Television Championship to Badd at Halloween Havoc '95 on October 29, 1995. Warner finally turned on Page during his match against Joey Maggs during WCW Saturday Night on November 16, resulting in Page being counted out. Briefly feuding with Page, he would lose to him the following week on November 30. Spending the next several months as a regular on WCW Saturday Night, he would face The Booty Man (who was accompanied by the former Diamond Doll, now known as The Booty Babe) on March 27 and teamed with The Gambler losing to Fire & Ice (Scott Norton & Ice Train) on WCW Saturday Night on April 20, 1996. Joining the Dungeon of Doom in mid-1996, he teamed with Shark losing to the American Males at Slamboree '96 on May 19, 1996. Losing to Lex Luger in a match for the WCW World Television Championship on WCW Monday Nitro on May 26, he wrestled less often and began appearing at ringside with other members of the Dungeon of Doom although he would again lose to Luger in a rematch on WCW Saturday Night on November 9, 1996. During a scheduled match against Chavo Guerrero, Jr. on January 20, 1997 during Monday Nitro, he was attacked by "Macho Man" Randy Savage who had sat in the ring and refused to leave. At Uncensored '97, he lost to Ice Train in a dark match on March 16 and, the following night, lost to Diamond Dallas Page on Monday Nitro disappearing shortly thereafter. After leaving the company, he competed in various independent promotions and appeared in Jimmy Cicero's corner in his match against former WCW wrestler Julio Sanchez at the first annual Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup on July 8, 1999. While in Maryland Championship Wrestling, he would also face Sanchez on September 5 and team with Jimmy Cicero in a tag team match against 2-Dope & Sideswipe on October 3, 1999. Working for Michael Modest and Donovan Morgan's Pro Wrestling Iron promotion in California during the early 2000s, he eventually retired. After his retirement, Jeff Warner lived for a time in Pine City, Minnesota and went on to become a pastor in Burnsville, Minnesota. He has four sons. Jeff stood 6'5" (196cm) tall and weighed 290 lb. (132 kg). Despite all that beef and muscle, he had big, brown, puppy-dog eyes and a smile that could make your heart melt! He was billed as "Big Bad John", "Big John", "Maxx Muscle" and simply "Maxx". The list below indicates how he was billed in each match. The matches on this DVD covered the period from 1993-1996. All matches were shot in their entirety: Big John/Jeff Gann vs Thunder & Lightning Big John vs Big Boss Man Big Bad John vs Ricky Steamboat Big Bad John vs Jungle Jim Steel Big Bad John/Tex Slazenger/Shanghi Pierce vs "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes/The Nasty Boys Big John vs Hacksaw Jim Duggam Maxx Muscle vs Diamond Dallas Page Maxx Muscle vs Booty Man Maxx Muscle vs Ice Train Maxx Muscle/The Gambler vs Fire & Ice (Scott Norton/Ice Train) Maxx Muscle vs Sergeant Pittman Maxx Muscle/Buddy Valentine vs The Road Warriors Maxx/Shark vs American Males Maxx vs Hacksaw Jim Duggam (again) Maxx vs Lex Lugar Maxx Muscle/Faces of Fear vs Sting/Lex Lugar/"Macho Man" Randy Savage Maxx vs "Macho Man" Randy Savage Maxx vs Ice Train (again) Maxx vs Todd Morton (Squash job by Maxx!) Maxx/Hugh Morrus vs The Nasty Boys Maxx Muscle vs Eddie Guerrero Maxx vs "Total Package" Lex Lugar All images included with this description are actual scans from the video, they are not file copies. DVD runs approximately 2 hours.