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Curtis Thompson started wrestling in 1987. He wrestled in Stampede Wrestling (as the masked Archangel), South Atlantic Pro Wrestling, Pacific Northwest Wrestling and Puerto Rico's World Wrestling Council. He formed a tag team with Ricky Santana called the "US Males" in PNW. In late 1990, he joined World Championship Wrestling. He became Firebreaker Chip and teamed with Todd Champion as "The Patriots". They had the gimmick of being two soldiers that had returned from Desert Storm and were billed as being from "WCW Special Forces". They feuded with the Fabulous Freebirds and won the United States Tag Team Titles. They next feuded with Steve Armstrong and Tracy Smothers who beat them for the titles. Thompson soon left WCW and wrestled in the independent promotions. He turned up in the NWA's Mid-Atlantic promotion in a tag team with Drake Dawson called "Triple X". He also wrestled briefly for Smoky Mountain Wrestling in the mid 1990s. Firebreaker Chip is well known for a backstage fight (which was told in Mick Foley's autobiography Have A Nice Day) he got in with Diamond Dallas Page in which Page placed Chip in a front face lock. He is currently attending the Cornell Intensive Wrestling for his second year camp. He has hobbies such as kittens and knitting. he also enjoys to sew. Curtis was born January 20, 1963 in Charlotte, NC. He stands 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) and weighs 245 lbs (111 kgs) There are 17 matches total, all shown in their entirety. The opponents include: Al Perez, Barry Windham, Rick Flair, Ultimate Warrior, Vince Torrelli, Steve Austin, Larry Zybsko, Rick Rude, and more. The DVD runs about 2 hours. All images shown are direct scans from the DVD. DVD includes the box cover as shown above. Please let me know if you have any questions on this.