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Chavo Guerrero, Jr.(born Salvador Guerrero III) is a third generation American professional wrestler and member of the famed Guerrero wrestling family. He is the grandson of Gory Guerrero; the son of Chavo Guerrero, Sr.; the nephew of Eddie Guerrero, Hector Guerrero, Mando Guerrero, and Enrique Llanes; and the cousin of Javier Llanes and Hector Mejia. He is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment wrestling on its ECW brand. His grandfather, Gory Guerrero, was one of the most famous wrestlers in Mexican history.His father, Chavo Guerrero, Sr., was also a legendary wrestler in Mexico and worked in WWE as a part-time wrestler and full-time manager. One of his uncles, Eddie Guerrero, was one of WWE's biggest stars. Eddie performed for the SmackDown! brand, as did Chavo Sr. (aka Chavo Classic). Chavo Jr. has two other uncles (Mando and Hector) who have had successful careers in the business. Chavo Jr. started wrestling in 1994, and quickly joined World Championship Wrestling (WCW). While in WCW, Chavo shared the limelight with his uncle Eddie, becoming a reluctant ally of his uncle's. As part of their angle, Eddie would continually try to make Chavo adopt Eddie's cheating tactics, but Chavo often refused to do so. Eventually, Chavo's treatment at the hands of Eddie would drive him "crazy" and Chavo adopted the gimmick of a psycho fixated with a hobby horse he dubbed "Pepé." This led to a famous feud with Norman Smiley in which Pepé was thrown by Smiley into a wood chipper. Another result of his insanity, was his inability to join Eddie's Latino World Order stable, which was a take-off of the nWo. The stable included nearly every Latino wrestler in WCW except Chavo. He was also a member of the comedy stable the Misfits In Action, billed as Lieutenant Loco. Chavo Guerrero enjoyed most of his success in WCW during 2000 and 2001 during which he was the WCW Cruiserweight Champion. Guerrero engaged in a memorable feud against "Sugar" Shane Helms, to whom he lost the Cruiserweight Title on the last episode of WCW Monday Nitro. On the morning of November 13, 2005, Chavo Guerrero checked into the same hotel with uncle Eddie Guerrero in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chavo was alerted by hotel security that Eddie did not respond to a wake-up call and after security opened the locked door to the room, Chavo found his uncle, but as he said in his video tribute to Eddie, someone who he saw as "his brother", unconscious. Chavo attempted CPR but Eddie was declared dead when paramedics arrived on the scene. Later that afternoon, Chavo appeared at a press conference with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to address Eddie's death. They announced that both shows that week would be tributes to Eddie. These events resulted in Chavo dropping the Kerwin White gimmick and wrestling under his real name as a face to continue the Guerrero legacy. As Chavo Guerrero, he defeated John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL) on the November 18, 2005 episode of SmackDown!, using the "Three Amigos" triple suplexes and the Frog Splash in tribute to Eddie. He also used the cheating tactic of throwing a steel chair to an opponent who catches it (while laying down himself) as the referee turns around and disqualifies the opponent, which Eddie made famous. On August 30, 2007, Guerrero, along with nine other WWE Wrestlers were named by Sports Illustrated to be given illegal steroids not in compliance with the Talent Wellness program. Guerrero received somatropin, nandrolone, and anastrozole between April 2005 and May 2006. Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Brian Adams were also discovered to have been given steroids prior to their death during this investigation, as well as former WWE Wrestler Sylvain Grenier. Chavo is married and has two sons. His wife is named Susan, and they have been married since 1998. Chavo was born October 20, 1970. He stands 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m), and weighs 210 lb (95 kg/15 st). This DVD covers the period 1996-1998, it includes the following matches, all shot in their entirety: Chavo Guerrero vs Ric Flair Chavo/Eddy Guerrero vs High Voltage Chavo Guerrero vs Billy Kidman Chavo Guerrero vs Mike Enos Chavo Guerrero vs Ron Studd Chavo Guerrero vs Diamond Dallas Page Chavo Guerrero vs Brad Armstrong Chavo Guerrero vs Big Bubba Chavo Guerrero vs Chris Benoit Chavo Guerrero vs Mike Nova Chavo Guerrero vs Johnny Swinger Chavo Guerrero vs Chris Jericho Chavo Guerrero vs Trevor Blanchard Chavo Guerrero vs Fit Finley Chavo Guerrero vs Dean Malenko Chavo Guerrero vs Alex Wright Chavo Guerrero vs Goldberg Chavo Guerrero vs Disco Inferno Chavo Guerrero vs Mike Sanders Chavo Guerrero vs Mike Enos (again) Chavo Guerrero vs Lenny Lane Chavo Guerrero vs Ric Flair Chavo Guerrero vs Ric Flair Chavo Guerrero vs Ric Flair All images included with this description are actual scans from the video, they are not file copies. DVD runs approximately 2 hours.