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Pro wrestling compilation featuring Chris Walker. He was a very muscular bodybuilder. In his earlier matches, he wore a leopard-print skin-tight wrestling singlet that highlighted every muscle in his body. He later switched to form-fitting trunks. He had long, curly, blonde hair. There are a couple of nice, grinding headlocks shown with his opponent down on the mat. The matches in this DVD are from 1991 and 1992 and include the following, all shot in their entirety: Chris Walker vs. Powers of Pain Chris Walker vs. Dr. Tom Pritchard Chris Walker/Curtis Thompson vs. Sweet Daddy Falcone/Dog of War Chris Walker vs. Sweet Daddy Falcone Chris Walker vs. Doug Somers Chris Walker vs Buddy Landell Chris Walker/Steve Simpson vs. John Tatum/Rod Price Chris Walker/Steve Simpson vs. Rip Rogers/Scott Anthony Chris Walker/Steve Simpson vs. Bad Attitude (Bad News Browne/The Soultaker) Chris Walker/Steve Simpson vs. John Tatum/Rod Price (again) Chris Walker vs. Brooklyn Brawler Chris Walker vs. The Warlord Chris Walker vs. Barry Horowitz Chris Walker vs. Sid Vicious Chris Walker vs. Brooklyn Brawler (again) All images included with this description are actual scans from the video, they are not file copies. DVD runs approximately 2 hours.