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Pro wrestling compilation featuring Billy Jack Haynes. Billy was a powerfully-buiilt wrestler from the Pacific Northwest. He had dark hair and a beard and moustache. He also had some tatooes. He could make a man submit using a neck-cracking full nelson! In most of the matches, he was naturally unshaven with a hairy body. In the earlier matches, he wore black trunks, then later he switched to tights, but still looked great! In the later matches, he was known as the Blackblood, and wore a mask and gloves. In the last three matches, an older and less-muscular Billy Jack returns as himself with long hair. Includes the following matches, all shot in their entirety: Billy Jack Haynes vs Sheik Abdullah Interview Billy Jack Haynes vs Bill Snyder Billy Jack Haynes vs Steve Starr Interview Billy Jack Haynes vs Shawn Michaels Billy Jack Haynes/Kevin Von Erich vs Chris Adams/Gino Hernandez Billy Jack Haynes vs Tommy Lane Billy Jack Haynes vs Rick Rude Billy Jack Haynes vs Bobby Jaggerz Billy Jack Haynes vs Iron Sheik Billy Jack Haynes vs Brutus Beefcake Billy Jack Haynes/Ken Patera vs Iron Mike Sharpe/Tim Van Horn Blackblood vs Tommy Angel Blackblood vs Mike Maverick Blackblood vs Johnny Meadows Blackblood/One Man Gang vs Sawyer/Kenny Kendall Blackblood vs Kenny Kendall Billy Jack Haynes vs Brad Armstrong Billy Jack Haynes vs Charlie Lairede Billy Jack Haynes vs Brian Christopher All images included with this description are actual scans from the video, they are not file copies. (With the exception of the main image, which IS a file copy) DVD runs approximately 2 hours.