Item Description
Permanent Makeup Kit Eyebrow Pen Machine/Power/Case

kit contains:

* One Professional Semicircular Carrying Case
* One Permanent Makeup Pen Machine
* One Greatful Power Supply
* Some Mix sterilized Needles
* Some Mix Plastic Tips

Free Gift:
* Two Grain Eyebrow Rings
* Two Pinheads
* One Practice Skin
* One Pen Oil

Pay Attention:
* The material of the pen is aluminum & steel,Yellow and Silver color,coming from Taiwan,excellent for eyeline,eyebrow,lip liner,full lip color,breast areola, scar camouflaging, reconstruction and tattooing
* The needles are sterilized,singly packing.
* 10pcs tips per version,sterilized,rest assured to use.
* Two pinheads:a white and a big black for you to change
* Pen oil:use this "OIL" every time after changing transmission to protect your machine.