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Prisoner was the first Australian soap opera screened late night in the UK. As in the US, it was billed in the UK as Prisoner: Cell Block H to avoid confusion with the well-known British series, The Prisoner, although it always remained as simply Prisoner on-screen. It was screened on ITV from the mid/late 1980s until the mid/late 1990s, depending on the region. A great many sources incorrectly state that the series did not begin being run in the UK until 1987, but in fact the Yorkshire region had been showing it since October 1984 (with the series "going like a rocket" by June 1985[14]), with southern region TVS following in October 1985 (in both instances while the programme was still being produced in Australia). Central, Thames, Scottish and TSW started the series in 1987, with most other regions starting to broadcast it in 1988 (two year after it finished production), with it not starting in the Ulster region until late 1989. Channel Television started the series on 16 January 1986 starting from Ep10 when it aligned its schedules with TVS. Channel had previously aligned its schedules with TSW so therefore missed the first nine episodes screened by TVS in late 1985.
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