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Priscilla Cotton Knitting Book
Published by The Priscilla Publishing Co.
Boston, Mass. 1918

This is a PDF Digital Reproduction of the original Priscilla Cotton Knitting Book, published in 1918. A Collection of Beautiful and Useful Patterns for Cotton, Linen and Silk. With Directions for Working

The book has explanations for the terms used and methods for the various types of stitches. The main items in the book are centrepieces, doilies, edgings and insertions. There are also instructions for knitting other items which are unique and delicate.

You will receive this vintage pattern book in PDF format for digital download and there are no shipping charges. You can access the book easily from your computer by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, it can be downloaded for free from their site at

By purchasing this copy, you agree to use it for personal use only; no re-selling of any or all of the contents is permitted. To the best of my knowledge and belief, this material comes from a public domain source.

Doilies include small tumbler doilies, 6 and 8 inch doilies, oblong doily, plate doilies, and large centrepiece doilies made in sections. Most of these doilies do not appear to be knitted on circular needles. There is a very special set for card players with a centrepiece and four doilies each featuring clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds.

Edgings and Insertions include a very large variety of wide and narrow, lacy, textured. Designs include, Mexican, Chinese, Portuguese, ruffled spider web, pine burr, striped and fluted patterns, as well as filet knit. Direction are given to make colonial knitted fringe, very impressive on clothing or linens.

There is a selection of other items to knit including:
* 2 baby bonnets and baby's Dutch cap
* ladies hand bag, pitcher purse and bag in cameo knitting
* ladies handkerchief and face cloth
* ladies boudoir cap
* wide knitted collar in Torchon design
* Using blocks, lovely counterpanes can be assembled as large or as small as you wish, for use as tablecloths, mantle coverings or table coverings.