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This item is a Holographic PRINCE SYMBOL Car/Window Decal . The color is Holographic Fantasy Rainbow. sizes is 5-inch. What is Holographic??? Many people wonder what is holographic decals. The best way to describe them is imagine a prism. Depending on the angle you look at it, or the angle the sun hits it, depends on the colors you see. The decals are actually a silver with a holographic pattern in it. You will see the colors of the rainbow in it. They really are a spectacular displays of colors. You can see a vehicle with a holographic windshield visors from a block away! Everyone will say "WoW! That is awesome, where did you get that?" Many people send questions this decal part red and orange and yellow??? You will see all the colors of the rainbow...Red, Pink, Green, Yellow Gold, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Orange...They are loaded with color! You can put this decal on your car window, truck-gate, hood, boat. Instructions will be sent with decal. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions on this item or any of our other auctions. Thank-You for your interest in our listing!