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These are Prime time Emmy Award Broadcasts from 1986 to the present. The following are available. Many have original commercials.

• 38th Emmys (1986) hosted by Shelley Long and David Letterman
• 39th Emmys (1987) hosted by Bruce Willis
• 40th Emmys (1988) hosted by John Forsythe
• 41st Emmys (1989) hosted by John Larroquette
• 42nd Emmys (1990) hosted by Candice Bergen, Jay Leno & Jane Pauley
• 43rd Emmys (1991) hosted by Dennis Miller
• 44th Emmys (1992) hosted by Tim Allen, Kirstie Alley & Dennis Miller
• 45th Emmys (1993) hosted by Angela Lansbury
• 46th Emmys (1994) hosted by Patricia Richardson & Ellen DeGeneres
• 47th Emmys (1995) hosted by Jason Alexander & Cybil Shepard
• 48th Emmys (1996) hosted by Michael J. Fox, Paul Reiser, & Oprah Winfrey
• 49th Emmys (1997) hosted by Bryant Gumbel
• 50th Emmys (1998) no host
• 51st Emmys (1999) hosted by David Hyde Pierce & Jenna Elfman
• 52nd Emmys (2000) hosted by Garry Shandling
• 53rd Emmys (2001) hosted by Ellen DeGeneres
• 54th Emmys (2002) hosted by Conan O'Brien
• 55th Emmys (2003) hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Garrett, Darrell Hammond, George Lopez, Conan O'Brien, Bernie Mac, Dennis Miller, Garry Shandling, Martin Short, Jon Stewart & Wanda Sykes
• 56th Emmys (2004) hosted by Gary Shandling
• 57th Emmys (2005) hosted by Ellen DeGeneres
• 58th Emmys (1993) hosted by Conan O'Brien
• 59th Emmys (2007) hosted by Ryan Seacrest
• 60th Emmys (2008) hosted by Tom Bergeron, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Jeff Probst & Ryan Seacrest
• 61st Emmys (2009) hosted by Neil Patrick Harris
• 62nd Emmys (2010) hosted by Jimmy Fallon
• 63rd Emmys (2011) hosted by Jane Lynch
• 64th Emmys (2012) hosted by Jimmy Kimmel
• 65th Emmys (2013) hosted by Neil Patrick Harris
I do have many other award shows available that aren't listed, but this list is complete for Emmys.

You may mix and match, however each show is on ONE disc.
Content CANNOT be combined on one disc.
Please clearly state which broadcasts you want when ordering.

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• Five DVDs -$39.95 + $4.00 shipping
• Six DVDS - $47.94 + free shipping!
• Seven DVDs + - Ask for quote

Two screen captures of every show are included below. Please note, every one of these programs was recorded
from an original VHS tape by myself. Each DVD comes in a white sleeve with an interactive DVD menu, including Chapter

Many of the people on these broadcasts are no longer with us and these have never been released on DVD.

Notes about quality: Many of the programs I offer are very rare and have not aired in the United States in decades causing quality to vary. Every attempt it made to ensure they are the highest possible quality and all are completely watchable. Each DVD is tested on two separate machines before I mail. The images attached to this listing are actual screen captures.

Notes about shipping: because this is a hobby it may take a few days for me to ship out your DVDs. No order will take more then 1 week to ship out. Orders are shipped in manila envelopes with sturdy packing to ensure they do not damage in transit. I will ship internationally, but it will cost more then within the USA.

This is a must-have for any television fan.