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Primadam The Complete Japanese Drama DVD Collection (1-11 End)Japanese with English Subtitles Format: DVD Manda Kana (Kuroki Hitomi) is an average 44 year old housewife with a husband and kids. Growing up, Kana took ballet classes, but due to financial issues in the home she quit and has never started up again. And then...she meets with the world of ballet once more. Primadam is a human drama that shines in writing of a warm-hearted and strong woman. That no matter how old one may get, moving the body and taking the challenge of entering a new world is an amazing thing! This is a story that cheers on all of those housewives who continue to try to do what they love for themselves. Cast * Kuroki Hitomi as Manda Kana * Nakamori Akina as Kurahashi Ranko * Nakajima Yuto as Kurahashi Haruo * Furuta Arata as Manda Kotaro * Takaoka Saki as Yoshimura Natsume * Kanda Uno as Aoba Emiko * Emi Kurara as Misaki Rei * Matsushima Tomoko * Kurose Tomomi * Kobayashi Juuichi * Kaho as Manda Mai * Shiho as Manda Yui * Akiko as Yoshimura Fuyumi * Kato Masaya * Naitou Takashi as Hatakeyama * Matsumoto Rina Format: DVD Language: Japanese DVD Subtitles: English Episodes: 1 - 11 end Region: All code region free ( Playable on any DVD Player ) PS2, XBOX Compatible. DVD-ROM Compatible. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ADDITIONAL ITEMS. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ADDITIONAL ITEMS.