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PRETTY SMART DVD Rare Patricia Arquette SEALED!


Item is original, brand new and sealed

Wild and crazy teenager Zigs (TRICIA LEIGH FISHER) stops a robbery in the bank where she works in a most unusual way - by taking off her clothes. And thats before this zany film even starts!

After she strips down to nothing but her underwear and black stockings she marches out of the front door of the bank, causing more trouble when motorists stop to stare.

Zigs' parents, desperate to straighten out their daughter, decide to send Zigs, along with her good girl sister Jenny, to a private girls school on a remote Mediterranean island.

Zigs is determined to get expelled at the first opportunity but then, when she realises the School Principal is  making videos of the students taking showers to sell commercially, she decides to go all out for revenge.

Product Information:

  • Multi-region DVD
  • 100% ORIGINAL ITEM!!!
  • Brand new and SEALED!

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  • Paypal only

Shipping and handling:

  • FREE Shipping and handling via Registered Air Mail.
  • Delivery Time Normally Takes 10 to 15 business days only.
  • Shipping insurance is provided for FREE !


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