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I'm offering new (issued in 1998), never opened President's Choice ® 2-6-0 Camelback Express ® train set, made for IHC by Mehano, Slovenia.

Canadian Pacific Camelback Steam Locomotive

Limited collector's edition train set #6

This listing is in US dollars.

In honour of the 15 th Anniversary of the Insider's Report ®, President's Choice ® pays homage to another great North American tradition: the Camelback Steam Locomotive. Prevalent from the 1850s to the early 1900s, these mighty haulers were used to transport American iron ore into Canada and Canadian timber to the U.S., contributing to the growth of trade between two developing sovereign nations. Camelbacks made regular north-south runs on the Delaware & Hudson railroad and precipitated the expansion of international railroad lines, including the Lake St. Louis & Province and the Montreal & Lachine.

The unique design of the Camelback engines (also known as "Mother Hubbards") was the direct result of the special requirements of the hard coal fuel they utilized. Large volumes of air were required to produce efficient combustion, necessitating unusually large fireboxes and a centred cab position.

Modeled after this original trailblazer, our faithful reproduction of this vintage engine is painstakingly detailed. The locomotive has a functioning smokestack with an on/off switch to enable operation of the engine with or without smoke. Authentically styled cars included in the set are: tank car, cattle car, ventilated fresh produce car, skeleton log car with real timber logs secured with metal chains and a commemorative caboose, decorated with our own unique markings. This set is available as a limited edition only to enhance its collection value.

Compatible with all HO scale model electric train sets, including our entire PC Collector's Series range, the PC 2-6-0 Camelback Express ® Train Set is a welcome addition to your collection, or the perfect gift for any train lover or history buff.

Engine Attributes:

  • Engine weight: 264g (9.3 oz)
  • Power pickup from locomotive and tender car
  • Operating locomotive headlight
  • Functioning smoke generator in locomotive's smokestack. Includes on/off switch. Note: shipped in "off" position
  • Heavy duty can motor
  • Intricately matched smooth running gear transmission
  • Functional nickel-plated coined brass driving rods
  • Metal boiler hand railings
  • Metal coupler lift bar on loco pilot deck and rear of tender
  • Gold colour diecast metal alloy bell
  • Talgo mounted coupler on tender
  • Pinstriped driving wheel spokes
  • Authentically detailed, painted and lettered with unique collector's quality markings
  • Will operate on 46 cm (18 in) radius oval track layout


  • Uniquely designed collector's quality 2-6-0 Camelback steam locomotive with functioning smoke generator
  • 3 mL vial of smoke fluid to fuel smoke generator *
  • Tender car with power pickup
  • Log car with genuine timber logs
  • Cattle car with operating sliding doors
  • Ventilation car with operating sliding doors
  • Tanker car
  • Drover's Caboose with specialty collector's graphics, commemorating the Insider's Report ® 15 th Anniversary
  • Quality brass track for oval layout
  • Track layout instructions
  • CSA-approved power pack with connecting wires
  • Assembly and operation instructions
  • Limited warranty
Compatible with all popular HO brands, including all PC™ train sets. Authentic period-sized cars are to scale.

Oval tack layout Includes:

  • 1 curved 46 cm (18 in) radius terminal brass rerailer
  • 11 curved sections of 46 cm (18 in) radius brass track with rail joiners
  • 12 strait sections of 22.8 cm (9 in) brass track with rail joiners
  • 10 extra rail joiners
  • 26 track snap locks
  • Spare couplers and track snap locks

* Replacement fluid available at your local hobby train shop.

The box is in the MINT condition.
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