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Obscure soap opera melodrama about the struggles of a one-legged woman. "PRELUDE TO HAPPINESS is one of the weirdest exploitation movies ever created. The film clearly exists to cash in on real life amputee Rose Petra’s one-legged charm – she spends a lot of time showing off her legless state (including a romp in a yellow bikini!). But unlike most exploitation films, which clearly sneer at both the audience and the poor folks on screen, this one seems to have a degree of sincerity. Or actually, too much sincerity: it turns on the soapsuds with such a full gust (complete with a LOVE STORY-style musical score) that it almost feels like 'General Hospital' reimagined by Tod Browning with uncredited assistance by Ed Wood (the visible boom microphones dangling at the top of the screen are pure Woodism)."

picture: 8/10

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