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"As Sam Farragut, Andy Griffith unleashes his inner Donald Trump as he bullies and cajoles a trio of ad-execs who so desperately need his million dollar account. Heading the glum trio is Warren Summerfield (William Shatner) an old-fashioned business guy who is so woefully out of touch with his company’s new ‘now’ image that he still wears (70s fashion alert!) wide lapels. His second in command is Paul McIlvain (Robert Reed), a workaholic ‘yes’ man whose mischievous wife (Angie Dickenson playing an oddly low key role) is having an affair with the depressed Summerfield. Rounding the misfits out is Marjoe Gortner as Terry Maxon, the maverick creative artist who is ready to sell-out his hippie ways when he becomes smitten with Farragut’s power and cold hard cash promises. All three men fall easily under the thumb of the persuasive Farragut, who drags them all down to Baja, Mexico for a motorbike slash locations scouting trip. When a tantalizing too-young hippie chick catches Farragut’s leering eye, the shrewd scoundrel sets the men’s moral and ethical values to the ultimate test."

picture: 9/10

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